Death’s Obsession (PDF/ePUB) By Avina St. Graves Read Online

Death’s Obsession (PDF/ePUB) By Avina St. Graves Read Online for free.

Death’s Obsession ePub/PDF Information

NameDeath’s Obsession
AuthorAvina St. Graves
File TypePDF/ePub
PDF Size2.90MB
ePub Size 7MB
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Death should arrive on a chariot of shattered aspirations or in the deep troughs of a storm, not with tokens of affection.

When my time had come to die, he did not take my soul. All the other times I’ve presented it to him, he’s ignored me. But he keeps telling me that I am his night monster, black love, perfect other.

My only hope was death itself. As I sleep, he watches me from his hiding place, sends me cryptic but loving messages, and leaves his physical imprints all over my body.

He stole my loved ones from me. Although I claimed to have seen the anonymous man on the evening of the accident, nobody believed me.

There is no way to avoid dying.

Me? This is the only place I’d rather be right now.


The beginning of a new life. Death. Obviously, there’s heaven and hell. Purgatory. If you’re good or evil, I’ll find you. You won’t be able to outrun me. Because I am he himself. Since I am that. I expect you to flee. Everyone is in a mad dash. You rush away, certain that I can’t pursue you. You believe you can outrun me if you run far enough and hide well enough. You may thank your god every day that I never take you.

You beg me to never locate the people you care about. No amount of pleading will stop me from arriving. Despite your fears, I will gladly press my lips to yours and let your body to rest in peace rather than pursue you to the ends of the world on my chariot. You scream and struggle for your life even though you voluntarily come here. Saying your prayers that this is not the right moment for you, that you have more to do and achieve. You may say that you need more time to mature, but you never will. When compared to the beauty of existence, what is death? You say I’m after your soul and that I have complete control over whether or not you die. However, I am not interested. You own your own soul till the day you die.

She is the first human being I’ve ever desired. To my Lilith. He’s my nocturnal foe. She is the winter storm that makes me happy to never see the sun again. She gave me her soul, and I returned it to her. It’s not that I didn’t want it. Like a flower needs the light, like a river needs the ocean, I desperately desired it. It won’t be to the hereafter, either, that I come to claim her soul. In fact, I want to steal her immortality.

About the Author Avina St. Graves

Because she was an introvert, romance writer Avina St. Graves spent a lot of time as a child fantasising about fantastical worlds and idealised fictitious lovers. There seemed to be a recurring motif of ethically ambiguous female protagonists, prison-bound love partners, and gratuitous violence and suffering in all of her daydreams.

She currently works a boring office job and prays to every deity she can think of for the chance to become a full-time writer so she may give the world more reasons to freak out.

Death’s Obsession Book Summary

This novella drew me in and wouldn’t let go. This tragic and foreboding tale of Death and his beloved Lilith. After the tragic loss of her parents, Lilith also suffers the loss of her sibling in a horrible tragedy. Nothing her lover or therapist says or does seems to ease her pain of loss. And now an unknown, shadowy figure is leaving her flowers and notes. However, nobody thinks he actually exists.

The character of Lilith is well-developed, and the story was entertaining. This book does a great job of conveying the importance of finding closure after experiencing trauma, and how the victim must travel this emotional road alone. The help they receive along the process is appreciated but ultimately ineffective in resolving the issues. A quick and simple read that is both chilling and sensual. Nothing is more valuable than your mental health, so please pay attention to the trigger warnings at the beginning of the book.

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