Contractually Yours (ePUB/PDF) By Nadia Lee Read Online

Contractually Yours (ePUB/PDF) By Nadia Lee Read Online for free.

Contractually Yours Information

Book Name:Contractually Yours
Author:Nadia Lee
SeriesThe Lasker Brothers #4
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.25 MB
ePub Size 898 KB
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Gem-bearing heir To gain full control of the corporation, Lucienne Peery marries into the wealthy Peery family. She demands to marry his older brother after discovering her fiancé in bed with her sister. To avoid forfeiting 30% of the family business for breaching the marriage contract, his relatives agree.

She just intends to remain wed until she has complete power. Then she goes and does the unthinkable—she falls in love with her husband.

Sebastian Lasker, vicious and iron-willed, pledges revenge when he is forced to marry a lady just as scandalous as his disgraceful, embarrassed father. No one has ever been able to successfully manipulate him. He plans to deny her the marital benefits she seeks in order to leave her.

But as he realises he can’t let her go, he risks more than just his reputation and financial security…

The delicious arranged marriage, dislike-to-love transformation, forced proximity, “my wife moments,” man-bowing, and joyful conclusion are all in Contractually Yours.

About The Author Nadia Lee

Nadia Lee is a linguist, world traveller, and former management consultant who has sampled cuisines from all around the globe. In the past eight years, she has handled tigers, kissed stingrays, and even been bitten by a shark.

She lives with her husband, two winter white hamsters, and an ever-growing collection of books in a Japanese apartment with a view of a river and palm trees. When she’s not writing, she’s researching ancient Asian writings or plotting her next adventure.

Contractually Yours Book Summary

I’m a huge fan of “marriages of convenience” in general, and this one’s premise was particularly compelling. Since everyone in her life has done her wrong, Lucie feels she must get married in order to regain her independence. the patriarchal system. She makes a deal with her rival to marry one of their heirs, but when the groom backs out, Sebastian finds out and is not pleased. But when he sees that most of the rumours about her are false and that she’s really very ideal for him, he starts saying, “my wife” over and over again.

It was great that Sebastian finally recognised Lucie for who she truly was and told the rest of the jerks to fk off. Thanks for being the greatest, xoxo, gossip girl.

The two of them have great chemistry. There were many of big and little gestures. Sorry, I can’t help it. 0.5 stars deducted because I would have liked 200 more pages of undiluted vengeance against the jerks in the book.

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