Capture Me (PDF/ePUB) By Helena Newbury Read Online For Free

Capture Me (PDF/ePUB) By Helena Newbury Download and Read Online For Free.

Capture Me ePub/PDF Information

Book Name:Capture Me
Author:Helena Newbury
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:1.88 MB
ePub Size446 KB
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If I have to hogtie you and throw you over my shoulder, I’m bringing you in.

I’m a tall, heavily tattooed bounty hunter whose speciality is restraining criminals. Nonetheless, I’ve never had to cope with a stunning female spy who is both persistently curvy and intellectually adept at getting under my skin. My teammates have warned me that she will lie and flirt her way out of here. I will not give in to it; I will not give in to *her.

However, when we are separated from the rest of the world, I must carry her on foot through the wild jungle. The attraction grows stronger the more times she gets away and I have to run after her, the more times we tussle and I pin her down, and the more times she pouts and I snarl threats in her ear. She makes me feel like she wants to be taken over my knee with how much she teases.

When things go wrong, we have to stop fighting and start working together to solve the problem. I get a sight of the hurt inside her, and I start to doubt that she is truly my enemy. Something horrible is on the horizon, and only she can stop it if her story is true. A woman who lies for a living? Can I trust her? Is she sincere in her feelings for me, or is this all a charade? There’s only one way I can help her, and that’s to join her on the run. My beloved squad will be torn apart. My closest pals will turn become fugitives in pursuit of me. This woman, though, has stolen my heart, and I would do anything to keep her safe.

About The Author Helena Newbury

I specialise in writing romantic suspense novels that feature alpha male protagonists, strong heroines, a great deal of tension, and a happy ever after.

Capture Me Book Summary

I was given an advanced copy of the book Capture Me. I absolutely adore Helena Newbury’s stories because they are usually exciting, full of energy, and unique in some way. Been wanting to read Colton’s book especially as we have read glimpses of his broody, hench tattooed “wide as a barn door” guy, strength of a giant, and has a rescued bear cub in earlier novels. Colton’s book is expected to be released sometime in the future.

When he is not working with JD and the team, he is a bounty hunter; hence, the new job opportunity that has presented itself is perfectly up Colton’s alley. Find the person who did the “job,” apprehend her, and hand her over to the CIA. The significant issue is that she is a lovely Russian spy who not only has an intellect but also a body and an attitude to match. Colton is put in the position of having to make a decision that could result in him losing everything of the ideals he holds dear in an action-packed thriller that is full of unexpected turns. The writing is excellent, everyone from before is present again, and overall it’s simply a really enjoyable and simple read. Absolutely adored it.

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