Bullied By The Bad Boy (PDF/ePub) By Maramartha Read Online

Bullied By The Bad Boy (PDF/ePub) By Maramartha Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Bullied By The Bad Boy
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Tessa is the ideal pupil, the kind that every educator hopes to have in their class. decent grades? Check. 100% attendance? Please confirm. Fighting in an unlicensed club? three times.

Her objective hasn’t changed much as she has one year left until she graduates from high school and a bucket list that her best buddy has mandated. Keep your head down and cross everything off your list.

However, trouble knocks in the form of dark eyes, a pointed lips, and a brooding disposition.
Ben is the popular bad boy in Broadway Heights. He desires to graduate from high school without incident, just like Tessa. But after he loses to Tessa in a match, everything changes.

About The Author Maramartha

Maramartha is a romance writer who creates achingly lovely characters.

She is ready for everything, including long, slow burns, angsty scenes that make her teeth chatter, steam, and happy endings. Your experience with her characters will be exhilarating, and you may find yourself tempted more than once to throw your phone or book against a wall.

She aspires to reach more readers who love guys who are just as broken as her characters and the women who adore them with her combined views of over 2 million on web reading applications.

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Bullied By The Bad Boy Book Summary

This was excellent. One of my favourite genres is the bully romance. I enjoy watching kids express their actual emotions. I adore Ben’s background and the way he looks after Asher. Does he write the letters? They probably are, and she has been speaking to him without connecting the dots. Tessa has to learn how to express her concerns and gain more self-confidence. You break up with him as a result of Olivia’s comments? And the whole label issue isn’t really a huge deal, especially because he’s already made it clear that he’s with you. She has to express herself more clearly and with more self-assurance. The only thing about her that really irritated me was how she relied on the judgement of others to guide her decisions. She consequently let the boy go as a result. Can’t wait to see if Ben treats Tessa the same way he used to.

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