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About Please Love Me At My Worst by Michaela Angemeer Pdf

A well-known content creator for TikTok, Michaela Angemeer, has recently published a collection of poetry that dives into issues such as accepting your worst tendencies, coming out as bisexual, and concentrating on personal development.

The author was unable to move on from the ghosts of past relationships, and she struggled with feelings of solitude and unrequited love, which inspired her to write the poems that are included in the collection Please Love Me at My Worst. This book, which was written during the quarantine for COVID-19 in 2020, examines what it is like to miss people who aren’t there while also emphasising the importance of loving and healing oneself.

About Michaela Angemeer Author

Michaela Angemeer, a Canadian poet, had her childhood in Brampton, Ontario, and she currently resides in Ontario. Because she enjoys thinking deeply and expressing herself creatively via writing, she made the decision to study psychology and English at the University of Waterloo.

Before releasing her first collection of poetry, When He Leaves You, as a self-published book in 2018, she spent a year writing her poems on Instagram. Upon the publication of the book on Amazon, it quickly rose to the position of most popular new release in Canadian poetry. Her second book, titled You’ll Return Back to Yourself, arrived at the top spot on the poetry bestseller list on Amazon in the year 2020.

Michaela currently resides in Waterloo, Ontario in a studio apartment with her Frenchton, Beatrice, numerous books, and a lot of plants. If you want to see more of her work, you can follow @michaelapoetry on both Instagram and TikTok.

Please Love Me At My Worst Book Summary

These are the titles of the four sections that make up this collection of poetry: Please Love My Inner Child, Please Love Me at My Worst, Please Love Me as I Am, and Please Love Me as I Am Becoming.

The main topics of the book were the difficulty of defining oneself and the profoundness of feeling alone. Even though I don’t typically read poetry, I noticed that many of these works left me feeling very moved. I had a lot of fun with this collection, and I really hope that the author creates more works in the future.

A little Content from the Book

I appreciate everything you’ve taught me over the past 28 years, especially the importance of enjoying your own company, and I especially thank you, oma. Thank you for watching over me, making yourself known to me in the form of elephants and butterflies, and making sure I know you’re not forgotten even though you’re not physically present. I appreciate you being my trusted friend and a shining beacon of hope. Chinye.

James, my agent, found me on the internet and signed me because he believed in my writing skills. And I appreciate everyone at Andrews McMeel Publishing so much for having faith in me and making my book a reality. Every goal you’ve ever set for yourself has been accomplished. Have fun all the time. Honor the person you are right now as well as the person you will become.

Try dancing about the kitchen while using a pen as a microphone. When rushing out the door, you whirl around in the downpour. Sing as loudly as you can while driving. If your inner kid has asked for something, it’s only fair that you provide their want. You owe it to yourself to embrace your inner wildness and live this life to the fullest. You owe it to yourself to find out who you really are.

Please wait a minute and stop blowing dandelion seeds in my face; I need a sunflower field to help me find my way. Don’t make me stare any lower; I’ve had enough of Earth now. I need to be near the ocean instead of this stream. I really need to go swimming for a bit.

Some Poems

Just give me a little of your time. I have to just ride the tides. Just like you, I could need some salt and some healing. Love, I was told, is kind and patient, but you have showed me otherwise by being unforgiving and critical. exacerbating the bad How can this love feel like poison in my blood like I’ve never known iron or oxygen? Love has a sharp tongue; love has teeth like blades; love never apologises.

You can’t explain burial to a dog, so when Beatrice didn’t understand why we were at your gravestone, I cried and dug up my feelings of loss for you without a shovel. Why did you cause this little girl so much pain? Because of her diminutive size, she was unable to stop your sword from ripping her heart open as you poured the acid into the wound. We have no interest in your romantic overtures.

You shed some light on my mom by explaining that “she’s just weary.” Because our love still consists of, “I told you so,” even when we could use a bit more, I wish you were here with us to remind us to love a little more and judge a little less. For you, I also miss making gravy in the kitchen barefoot.

When she feeds my doubts or diminishes my triumphs, I will try to be a little kinder and a little more resolute. Since I’ve always been a little different, a little too large, and an easy target for bullies, I wish you could meet Beatrice.

Even though she didn’t really fit in anywhere else, that little girl finally has a place to call home since she is a part of my family. You’re too old to play with toys, so you have to entertain yourself by talking to yourself, writing on whatever surface you can find, dancing to your own music, and performing karaoke. Oh, you poor, sweet baby.

As I wax your brows, I’d like to briefly discuss the musical Shrek. If we make out on a picnic blanket, I’ll have grass in my hair and you’ll have to clean it, but today is Monday and I’d rather bake you a cake. If you paint your nails black and reveal information to me that you no longer need to know, you will have grass in your hair. My only goal is to enjoy myself.

I’ll remove it, but basically you use my finger to create lip lines and lots of tongue without being sloppy or messy and I’ll be fine. Once your eyes started to water and you glanced at me in front of a large audience to check if I was laughing, I finally realised it.

Too many stones have been thrown at me, and my shards are sharp; however, if you move slowly, I promise that they will become dull. Be careful; I am the remnants of a glass house. Be patient; there is a door for you to open; it’s just a little hidden, but if you make it through, I will gladly hand up the key.

Some More Paragraphs

You should know that I don’t always mean what I say, and my fangs may be quite harsh, but if you don’t provoke me, my tongue will eventually grow to love you. If you could come back and love me for a little while longer, all I’d want is that you grip my hand and kiss my forehead. Just come back, that’s all I want.

I need a small amount of your love to help me remember what happened, make sure I don’t forget it, and fix the disaster I made. I would box it up, take it to a thrift store, and throw away the boxes while filling trash bags with my own harsh judgements of myself. To get rid of the negative self-talk, hire a dumpster. A garbage fire is what happens when your extreme longing for someone you love who does not love you back is combined with unrequited love.

How come it seems like Thursday already? Why did I have to be born with the gene that makes me think I don’t deserve good things and that my successes are flukes? Why can’t I just let my heart relax and my mind stop throbbing like an anxious drum when nice things happen? Please hold off on the rubbish collection until I have finished cleaning up the mess.

Incoherently, if anyone wants to swap brains, I’d prefer a quieter one; if anyone wants to swap me for sad, I’d prefer happy instead; if anyone wants to teach me how to love with open arms, I’ll take that; if anyone wants to tell me that all my wars have already been fought and the cavalry isn’t coming back, I’ll gladly unclench my fists, kiss my palms, and tell them that.

Every day since I was twenty-two, I’ve plucked out one grey hair and thrown it in the sink, where it seems to vanish after doing its duty of teasing me. Every morning and night, I apply sunscreen and eye cream to my face. By the age of twenty-seven, on a drunk Friday, you start to have a new kind of hangover sensation. Make a wish on my tears and maybe they’ll turn into the moon. With my guarantee, they will turn into moonlight. To whom it may concern: please don’t give up on me. I want you to love me even at my weakest moments.

Why you Should read this book?

This collection will not leave you feeling let down in any way. It’s just that I get the impression that this is a more youthful take on Rupi Kaur’s poetry collection.

The lines are authentic, and there is no question that you will get a sense of connection to the written words the moment you begin reading them.

Invest in this particular collection. The feeling of yesteryear overwhelms you.

I would want to express my gratitude to both the author and the publisher for providing the advanced reading copy.

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