Contractual Obligations (PDF/ePUB) By Elle Rivers Read Online

Contractual Obligations (PDF/ePUB) By Elle Rivers Read Online for free.

Contractual Obligations Information

Book Name:Contractual Obligations
Author:Elle Rivers
File Type:PDF (Downloadable)
PDF Size:1.24 MB
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Lily accepts an opportunity to leave behind the job and lifestyle she despises. And if that means marrying the charming but distant Sebastian Miller for the next five years, so be it.

Her task is straightforward: she just has to act the part of a content housewife in person and online, and in exchange, she will receive a million dollars from her inheritance. With that sum, she may finally break free from her parents’ suffocating influence and begin a new, independent life. It ought to be simple.

But now, after four years of marriage, she wants out more than ever. She is convinced that her husband hates her, and she looks forward to the freedom that the end of their contract will offer. However, her hopes for independence are dashed when she is summoned to see Sebastian’s father, the mastermind behind the charade. She is afraid he will try to keep them married beyond the terms of their contract.

This thing he does is even worse.

Her worst nightmare has come true: she has to relocate across the nation because Sebastian got a promotion, and she has no choice but to act like everything is normal.

Lily expects the final year of her marriage to be spent with more chilly indifference from Sebastian, but being stranded in a strange place brings out a softer side in him that she was not expecting. The uncaring man she once knew has disappeared. The gentle and patient man of her fantasies has taken his place.

About The Author

The release has begun!!! When Sebastian and Lily are transferred to a new city together for financial reasons, their marriage blossoms into something much more. Doomed to never find love or destined to…

Contractual Obligations Book summary

What a fantastic book. I really enjoyed Elle Rivers’s use of the cliche of the arranged marriage. The story line was excellent, and the plot moved at a captivating clip. Though the whole misunderstanding theme irritated me as I read, I enjoyed the story immensely because of how everything tied together in the end. The work was improved by the author’s inclusion of the characters’ imperfections and genuine feelings rather than by portraying them as flawless.

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