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The opening portion of a duet

It’s never a good indication to see a redhead with her belongings at her feet and a garment that was stolen.

I should have realised she was trouble when she breathed smoke and sin into my bar and then challenged me to a game.

She may have ultimately obtained my watch, but she also instigated a conflict.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world, she exclaimed as she slipped her Breitling watch off of her wrist and onto her own.

I suppose everyone was fortunate save me.

My entire universe crumbled when her dirty shoes pounded up my spine from the bottom of the steps.

My cashmere sweater’s charm is beginning to crease.

My chivalry façade is starting to crack.

My attackers are approaching me.

Maybe the gipsy’s assertions have some basis in reality:

The Queen of Hearts will bring me to the underworld if I don’t stop her.

You’ll feel warm and cosy in the centre of the fire, at least.


Who is Somme Sketcher

Dark romance by Somme Sketcher is thrilling but perilous. Go into the ethically murky depths where sinners pass for saints and villains for heroes.


Sinners Condemned concludes on a cliffhanger because it is only the first of a two-part series. We’ll find out what happens to Rafe and Penny’s story next in Sinners Consumed, which will be out on September 7.

Sinners Condemned should be read next after Sinners Anonymous, in my opinion.

You should be aware that none of my stories, including this one, are suitable for anyone with weak stomachs. The numerous triggers they include make it inappropriate for everyone to read them.

Why Read This Book, Anyway?

Despite my suspicion that the Made series may have had an impact on the author, I find that I really like reading it. Also, if you have read the first book, you already know that Rafe Penny is better than Angelo Rory in this one. Yet I’m beginning to think that Gabe Wren is superior to Rafe Penny and Angelo Rory.

If you want to read a story about a fiery heroine and a hero with an addiction, go read it. For their witty banter, Rafe and Penny had the ideal chemistry. The car scenario and other instances of Refe’s uncontrolled horniness around Penny, particularly his focus on her thighs, are among my favourites from their amusing games.

I’m happy to say that Gabe and Wren have recently had some positive conversations. adore reading and look forward to their writings (they are getting a duet too).

Synopsis of the Book Sinners Condemned ePub

Rafe and Penny are essential in this universe. You’ll like this if you liked Danielle Lori’s The Made Men Series. Given how much I adore The Made Men, that is saying a lot because it was even better than I had anticipated. You’ll probably enjoy this book even if you didn’t like the first one.

After the events of the book, both Penny, Rory’s Atlantic City friend, and Rafe, Angelo’s brother, go back to Devil’s Cove. Since her parents passed away, Penny has been living alone and has turned to defrauding rich guys in order to make ends meet. She bumps across Rafe one night while attempting to scam him out of his pricey watch, and there’s no denying the attraction (and fear) she feels for him. Once she accepts a position in one of his casinos, their romance develops.

Hence, this is your typical The MMC initially denies having feelings for the FMC, but eventually accepts that he is fixated on her. Rafe hides his dislike for Penny but can’t help but accept that she is the reason for his failure. This novel was masterfully written, and the tension between them was fantastic the entire time. I was chuckling and smiling at all the lively banter between them. Penny is quite courageous and doesn’t mind speaking her views.

I admire how well she matches Rafe and has such a vivid personality. More noteworthy are Rory’s interactions with the Visconti clan and the fleeting views we get of him and Angelo. If you weren’t a fan of the previous book, I recommend giving this one a try because it gets up much more quickly.

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I must know what will happen in Rafe and Penny’s narrative after this point, but I can’t till I have finished reading Sinners Consumed. All of the components of a good trope that I enjoy were present. Read this series as soon as possible.

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