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Book Name:Bossman
Author:Vi Keeland
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I had taken refuge in the restaurant bathroom corridor to leave a message for my best friend, asking her to rescue me from my terrible date.

He overheard us and then proceeded to give me dating advice after telling me I was a bitch.

So I told this tall, handsome, self-centered jerk to mind his own damn business and returned to my terrible date.

He smirked as he passed my table, and I watched his cocky, attractive posterior as he returned to his date.

I couldn’t help but cast furtive looks at the arrogant jerk across the room. Of course, he saw me and winked at me more than once.

I was afraid he was going to spill the beans when the handsome stranger and his equally attractive date walked up to our table.

Instead, he joined us like we were old friends and pretended to share our embarrassing childhood experiences.

My date turned from dull to oddly interesting in an instant.

Even though I knew I’d never see him again, when it was over and we parted ways, I found myself thinking about him more than I care to confess.

What were the odds that I’d see him again in a metropolis of eight million people?
But then…

The odds of him becoming my new hot boss a month later were little to none.

About The Author Vi Keeland

Author Vi Keeland has topped the bestseller lists of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. Her books have been translated into twenty-six different languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide. She found the love of her life when she was six years old, and she is now a happily married mother of three in New York City with her husband.

Bossman Book Summary

I was hooked from the first lines of Bossman!!!!! I had the worst case of belly flutters and a stupid, captivated grin on my face. To me, this book just shouted “fun, fun, fun.” It was entertaining, sexual, and ridiculously swoony, and that much was true. In addition, there was something more there, something much more. It was sincere and evocative of profound emotions, leaving me unable to catch my breath.

The story’s characters captivated me immediately. Both Chase and Reese have been through a lot, but despite this, they remain interesting and easy to identify with. I was enthralled by their brilliance and completely absorbed by their story.

FANTASTIC. Really!!! To the letter. In each and every instance. Every conversation. There was so much feeling in it.

Reese is stuck on a terrible blind date that she wants to end as soon as possible. She desperately calls her best friend Jules, pleading with her to end her pain by calling off the date. However, neither Jules nor anyone else is coming to her rescue, and Reese’s calls are going unanswered.

Chase Parker overhears our heroine Reese talking to Jules’ voicemail and appears to have some choice words for her. However, Reese seems totally uninterested in what he has to say.

It would be an understatement to say that these two get off on the wrong foot, yet surprisingly, the whole encounter ends up being very endearing. Reese is compelled to return to her date as the evening wears on. And Chase returns to his own. They both had trouble taking their gaze off one another after first spotting the other across the restaurant. A flame has been lit. There is a link. To sum it, Chase finds himself at Reese’s table, when one of the most magical sequences I’ve ever read unfolds.

The chemistry between them is electric. I got chills from it in a literal sense. Their initial conversation gave me chills; I could already sense the brewing chemistry between them.

Great work on the dialogue. The tone shifts smoothly from humorous to swoony to sweet to sassy to witty to tragic. I had forgotten how good Vi’s writing was. In fact, compared to Vi Keeland’s previous works that I’ve read, Bossman was hotter, more well-rounded, sharp, clean, and intense. I couldn’t put this poignant love story down since each chapter was so well-written and built upon the last.

Everything I look for in a book was present in this Standalone: a touch of the forbidden, anguish, passion, heat, and heart. Lots of feeling. It was fantastic, and I can’t wait for the world to meet Chase Parker. He will astound you, I guarantee it.

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