The Westminster Shorter Catechism (PDF/ePUB) By Anonymous

The Westminster Shorter Catechism (PDF/ePUB) By Anonymous read online for free.

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Book Name:The Westminster Shorter Catechism
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In the year 1643, the Long Parliament of England summoned the Westminster Assembly with the purpose of creating the Westminster Confession. Additionally, the assembly was requested to develop a directory pertaining to the practise of “catechising”. Herbert Palmer was requested by the Assembly to generate a preliminary version of the Larger Catechism. The effort was deemed underwhelming by Robert Baillie and other representatives from Scotland. The formation of a committee took place in December 1643 with the purpose of composing the Catechism. In January 1647, the Assembly made the decision to discontinue the composition of a single catechism and instead divided it into two separate catechisms.

Written by: Anonymous

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