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Book Name:Window Shopping
Author:Tessa Bailey
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Manhattan’s storefronts are decked out in red and green satin two weeks before Christmas.
As I wait for a friend, Aiden approaches me and asks what I think of the store’s decor in front of the renowned Vivant department store.

I can’t sugarcoat it: “It’s a tragedy in tinsel.”
With a gleam in his eye, he asks for an improved proposal.
Did I not realise he was the owner? No. My friend put me on the spot.
I have to ignore the fact that he is hot now that I am working for him.
But as a girl who has been through a lot, I recognise a chance when I see one, and I intend to make the most of this one.

I promise to decorate his holiday windows with all my heart.
I plan to keep going, nonstop. Even if we give in to temptation, I’ll remind myself that it’s only virtual.

About The Author Tessa Bailey

Novelist Tessa Bailey is famous. She masterfully narrates the challenges of working-class heroes and their fearsome opponents. Her stories will captivate you. Long Island’s tranquilly makes her appreciate being alone. But thinking about how little they’ve been talking makes her uncomfortable. Entertainment Weekly called Tessa the “Michelangelo of dirty talk” for her ability to weave tales that leave you gasping. She builds a web of sensuality that intensifies, but she also brilliantly intersperses gentle sequences that will warm your heart. Tessa’s stories always end happily. Her story captivates.

Window Shopping Book Summary

Tessa Bailey has perfected the art of being both bad and good. I couldn’t help but pre-order her upcoming Christmas love story. I picked it up a few weeks ago, but I’ve been practising extreme self-control by waiting to read it until right before Christmas. And now we have reached this point!

Stella attracts the attention of the store’s affable general manager, Aiden, when she pauses outside the Vivant department store’s windows and scoffs aloud at their pitiful holiday display. He encourages her to come up with more creative solutions before offering her a position in the store’s window. Stella, being Stella, is eager to show her worth. What’s more, her boss is a total hunk. In any case, that didn’t dampen her enthusiasm one bit.

This narrative contains an abundance of goodness. Stella, for one, has recently been released from jail and is eager to begin life anew. Aiden comes along and supports her when no one else will. For some reason, this really spoke to me. We don’t give former inmates enough chances to redeem themselves as a society. They have a hard time getting hired, and many of them reoffend because they are unable to support themselves honestly. It’s refreshing and surprising to see Bailey address such a weighty issue in a story as light as one focused on the season of goodwill and giving.

Aiden’s personality was so endearing. Stella’s weariness and pessimism are countered by his upbeat personality. It’s been great seeing her self-assurance increase on the job and in their relationship. The story’s post-pandemic setting provides a welcome diversion from the present day. The story’s focus on retail establishments and holiday preparations also succeeds in evoking the joy of the season.

When discussing Tessa Bailey’s works, I feel compelled to always bring up the steamy nature of her stories. Reader beware: they’re SMOKING HOT, which may come as a surprise if you’ve never read her before. Her cute and innocent book covers belie the fact that she doesn’t hold back when it comes to writing those scenes.

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This isn’t a tragic love story for posterity or anything. It’s pure, unadulterated entertainment, complete with plenty of laughs and crude humour. When you factor in the uplifting message of Christmas and the central themes of self-discovery and second chances, I think you have the perfect holiday book.

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