Wildfire Hannah Grace (PDF/ePub) – Maple Hills #2 Read Online

Wildfire Hannah Grace (PDF/ePub) – Maple Hills Book 2 Read Online for free.

Wildfire Hannah Grace (PDF/ePub) Information

Book Name:Wildfire
Author:Hannah Grace
SeriesMaple Hills #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Two summer camp counsellors have a hot one-night encounter and pick up where they left off in the newest installment of the Maple Hills series.

At a year-end party in Maple Hills, Russ Callaghan and Aurora Roberts meet each other via a drinking game and have a steamy one-night encounter. Never one to linger (or hope for much from a guy), Aurora leaves before Russ can even inquire her complete name.

They’re both counsellors at the same summer camp, and they’re both trying to get away from their troubled families for the summer by working. Aurora wants to return to the last place she felt at home because she is weary of needing attention from everyone around her, and Russ feels that if he travels far enough away from Maple Hills, he will escape dealing with the consequences of his father’s gambling addiction.

Even though Russ knows that if he and Aurora breach the camp’s “no staff fraternising” rule, he would have to return to Maple Hills before the summer is up, Aurora has never been good at following the rules. Will they figure out how to live together? Perhaps the spark from their one night together has become impossible to extinguish.

Wildfire Hannah Grace Book Summary

This novel stands out because of the undeniable attraction between the protagonists, Russ and Rory. The problems with their dads are heavy burdens for both protagonists. Rory’s openness and readiness to voice her emotions stand in sharp contrast to Russ’s inclination to hide his thoughts behind self-erected barriers, and their different coping styles make for a compelling portrayal. Still, they are able to lean on one another and heal from their wounds as they form a strong bond. All I wanted to do was give these kind people a big hug. In spite of the risks involved, they are endearingly genuine, showing soft spots behind their tough exteriors and showing maturity in the face of adversity, all while slowly opening their hearts to others.

Aurora, or Rory as she is fondly called, and Russ’s narrative develops during a university party, just as in the previous book. Because her closest friend Emilia insisted, and because there would be vegan pizza, Rory goes to the party. She never imagined she’d meet a guy as captivating as the quiet yet extroverted Russ Callaghan. After a night of fun together, Rory suddenly leaves, assuming that Russ’s protracted absence from the toilet is an indication of indifference after they’ve played a game and had a sensual lap dance. Russ, unaware of her feelings, concludes that he is just out of her league and accepts her abrupt departure.

But fate brings them together when they both take jobs as camp counsellors at the same summer camp to get away from their troubled families. Their already complex relationship is heightened when they learn they share an office. Russ’s reluctance stems from apprehension about losing his employment if he breaks the camp’s no-friends policy. Nonetheless, he and Rory are drawn to each other like magnets, and this drives them to investigate the apparent connection between them.

Rory’s father chooses to deny her existence, and she must bear the burden of her mother’s constant complaints and guilt trips since her parents’ divorce. Her elder sister lives abroad, and she struggles to repair their strained connection. However, Russ’s family is struggling due to his father’s gambling habit. When Russ refuses to give his father the money he keeps asking for, his father becomes angry and starts verbally abusing him. He can’t stand it when his mom defends his dad’s bad behaviour and his brother tells him to make family time a priority even though he’s the one on the road.

Even though they did start off with one wild night, I enjoyed seeing their romance develop over time. They were able to let down their guards and learn to trust one another because to the gradual growth, the deepening of their relationship, and their shared vulnerability. What really hooked me was how mature everyone was and how little drama there was. Instead, the novel depicted two independent protagonists who found courage in one another despite their dire circumstances.

Character Development

The characters’ development as they dealt with their own troubled families was something I enjoyed seeing since they provided a refuge of unconditional love and safety for one another. Seeing them grow and develop as individuals while strengthening bonds with those they love was inspiring.

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In sum, this is now my favourite book in the series, and I can’t wait for more adventures in the magical land of Maple Hills. Hannah Grace has once again shown her skill at writing engaging tales with likeable protagonists and touching plot developments.

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