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Icebreaker Book Information

Book Name:Icebreaker
Author:Hannah Grace
SeriesMaple Hills #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Anastasia Allen has spent her entire life training for the day she may represent the United States in an Olympic competition.

Stassie started skating at age five and has been competing ever since. She has a schedule that would make even the most driven person cry, as a member of the Maple Hills Skating Team.

No way, no how.

Nathan Hawkins has always been able to solve any problem that has arisen. The Maple Hills Titans’ captain understands the gravity of his position as team leader.

Nate has to put his hockey stick away and face a coach who is far more fearsome than the one he faced when playing hockey after a miscommunication causes the two teams to share a rink and Anastasia’s partner is harmed.

Together, they’re in over their heads, but that’s okay because Anastasia despises hockey players.

About Hannah Grace Author

Hannah Grace, who resides in Manchester, England, writes predominantly in the new adult and contemporary romance genres, refers to her books as “fluffy comfort books.” Living in the Boston suburbs with her husband and two dogs, Pig and Bear, she often writes about people’s eyes repeatedly in a chapter, gives two characters the same name, and uses English sayings that are unfamiliar to Americans in her works.

A few Words from Author

Thank you, my husband, for supporting me and allowing me put our life savings into my (very costly) passion, and for keeping my interest a secret despite the fact that you have the loudest mouth ever. Thank you, Marcy, for making me believe I could write a novel. I appreciate you guiding me to my true calling. Someone who knows Icebreaker far better than I do is Ha-Le. I appreciate your unwavering loyalty.

Thank you very much, Paisley and Leni, for being my virtual guides while I self-published my first book. This book wouldn’t be what it is without your dedication and innovation, and I look forward to future collaborations with you. Finally, I’d want to thank Erin, my emotional support writer, for being part of my crisis team, all of whom I adore unconditionally. I appreciate you listening to and supporting all my crazy, half-baked ideas because of our relationship.

You are the reason why I have 45 novels on my “to write” list. This is me sending out positive vibes from BookBar into the cosmos. Congratulations, Kiley, for being the first person to read the summary of the Icebreaker story! You’ve been there for me through thick and thin, requesting chapters when I’m stuck on a story (which, oddly enough, does help) and, most crucially, replying to my many “Ki, in America…” letters. You’re a great buddy because your coolness helps me keep my cool.

To Rebecca, the Canadian twin of me. I appreciate you listening to my incoherent musings at 4 a.m. and calming me down when the impostor syndrome is attempting to take over. It’s a blessing to have a buddy like you.

Icebreaker Book Summary

Our MMC, Nate, is spot on. This guy is swoon-worthy, hot, and completely smitten with Anastasia. When you mentioned he’d make an interesting character study, I thought you were joking. Our FMC, Anastasia, is just as cute. She’s strong, endearing, and has fantastic chemistry with Nate. Did I not say that the smut is incredibly juicy? It’s unbearably hot!There are echoes of the Off Campus series in this, but overall I enjoy it more. The plot is interesting and the characters are interesting, and the relationship feels more organic and genuine. I wish I’d found this book sooner.

About The Character Henry

I was literally drooling anytime he appeared because he was the finest character in the novel.

He is hilariously adorable in the way that he expresses exactly what he is thinking in the moment without filter.

For instance, Henry wanted to chat to Stassie but JJ suggested they go out for a drink first. You and I both like a beverage.

I really like the guy, although he only appeared in maybe 20 pages.


I was hesitant to start reading it because of all the buzz around it, and the beginning was a little rough for me, but I’m happy to report that it lived up to the anticipation. When I hit the 30% mark, I could only sigh. This is our saviour. He fits the bill exactly. This has everything that makes new adult and sports romance so enjoyable to me. I’d love to listen to it again if it ever becomes available.

Nate leads the hockey team as captain, and Anastasia skates well. The two had never met before, but a problem at the ice rink has forced them to work together. Stassie is not in attendance. Nathan Hawkins has never won her heart. But he succeeds spectacularly in winning her heart.

Nate and Stassie were two of my favourite hockey players, but I thought all of the men on the team were awesome. The best part about Henry, by far! I can tell this is the first of a series, and I couldn’t be more excited! It was a little too drawn out, but if you’re searching for a story with a lot of laughs and a lot of heart, this is it!

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