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The world is on fire from the flames of desire, as well as from greed, arrogance, and excessive ego.

Guru nanak ji quotes

Even if one spent a lifetime trying to reason their way to a comprehension of God, it is impossible.

Waheguru ji quotes in English

I Am Not a Child, a Young Man, an Ancient, Nor Do I Belong to Any Caste, Nor Am I of Any Age.

Positive Waheguru Quotes

The realization of Truth is superior to anything else. Living honestly is the next higher level.

The world is a play

One’s mind will become shallow if they have shallow intelligence, and as a result, they will eat the fly along with the sweets.

Gurbani quotes

Let’s First Attempt to Become Human Beings Before We Attempt to Become Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, or Christians.

God realisation guru nanak quotes

“I Do Not Belong to Either the Male or the Female Species, Nor Am I Sexually Asexual. I Am the One Who Brings Peace, and the Form That I Take Is That of All-Conquering Radiance.”

Thou has a thousand eyes and yet not one eye; Thou host a thousand forms and yet not one form.

Whoever considers all men to be on an equal level is religious.

Even Kings and emperors with heaps of wealth and vast dominion cannot compare with an ant filled with the love of God.

People, if one knew how to really die, death would no longer be seen as something to be feared.

I am neither a child, a young man, nor an ancient; nor am I of any caste.

The key to success is in practising humility, forgiving those who have hurt you, and speaking kindly to others.

About Waheguru

For the Sikh community, the names Waheguru ji, Vahguru, and Vahiguru are not only words; rather, these names are everything (Sikhism).

These phrases are not meant to symbolise a specific guru out of the 10 gurus who are discussed in Guru Granth Sahib (The Sikh Scripture). Therefore, before to looking through Waheguru Quotes, you need first study some facts on the Waheguru.

According to the text known as the Guru Granth Sahib, the term “Waheguru” does in fact refer to deity. But if someone tells you that Guru Nanak dev Ji is Waheguru, you must not believe them.

That is not at all a problem due to the fact that a lot of people think that Guru Nanak is the oldest person in Sikhism and that he was the one who established Sikhism. The term “Waheguru” is a combination of two different words: the first, “wah,” comes from the Persian language, while the second, “guru,” is from the Sanskrit language.

There are a lot of individuals who don’t even know the names of all ten of the gurus that the Sikh community has had, so here is a table that will make it easier for you to learn about the gurus that the Sikh community has had:

Guru in Ascending Order Guruship (year)Name of the Guru’s
1st Guru1480Guru Nanak Dev Ji
2nd Guru1539Guru Angad
3rd Guru1552Guru Amar Das
4th Guru1574Guru Ram Das
5th Guru1581Guru Arjan
6th Guru1606Guru Har Gobind
7th Guru1644Guru Har Rai
8th Guru1661Guru Har Krishan
9th Guru1665Guru Teg Bahadur
10th Guru1675Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Positive Waheguru Quotes

The world is a play that’s being performed inside of a dream.

Say just the things that will bring honour to you.

Burn the love of the world, rub the ashes together, and make ink from the ashes; make your heart the pen, and your mind the writer; write that which has no beginning and no end.

Everyone should be considered a friend of ours, and we should think of everyone else as an associate.

Those who have experienced love are the ones who have come closest to realizing God.

What Reason Is There for the Yogi to Feel Fear? He is both the trees and the plants, as well as everything inside and outside.

Our Lord and Master is the provider of sustenance for each and every individual. Why are you so terrified, O mind? Flamingos are known to travel hundreds of kilometres at a time, leaving their young ones behind. Who gives them food, and who teaches them how to provide for themselves afterwards? Have you ever given this any consideration at all in your head?

When it comes to wealth and power, even the most powerful men in the world aren’t even comparable to an ant who has realised God.

What is real, you believe to be a falsehood, and what is temporary, you consider to be something that will last forever.

If you continue to engage in hypocrisy and fixate your thoughts on material things, then your anxiety will never go away.

God is One, yet He Exists in an Uncountable Variety of Forms. He is the Creator of Everything, and He Takes on the Form of a Human Being Himself.

Woman is Clearly the Cause of These Matters, Including the Production of Children, the Nurturing of Those Who Are Born, and the Everyday Life of Men.

Dwell in tranquilly inside the shelter that is your own being, and the messenger of the sentence of death won’t be able to reach you.

It is important to show support for all beings. You Have Made the Universe to Serve as Your Throne.

Because of People’s Ignorance of the Rope, the Rope Looks Like a Snake; Because of People’s Ignorance of Themselves, a Transient State Develops That Is Composed of the Individualized, Limited, and Phenomenal Aspect of Themselves.

Mortals, Their Deaths Have Already Been Predetermined; Enter Into This World!

No one on this planet should have to put up with ignorance. No One Can Make It to the Other Side Unless They Have a Guru.

Whoever has come will leave; everyone will get their chance. “

My mind has been filled to the brim with faith in Him, Nanak says.

The glories are in the hands of the Lord himself. Those people are blessed whom the Lord is delighted with.

There is only one God; his name is Truth; he is the Creator; he is without fear or hatred; he does not age; he is beyond the cycle of birth and death; he is self-illuminated; and he is attained through the compassion of the True Guru. There is only one God. His name is Truth. He was True from the very beginning, He was True when the centuries began, and He has always been True; in addition, He is True even now.

It doesn’t matter what sort of seed is spread in a field, as long as it’s done at the right time, a plant of the same kind will grow there, and it will have the characteristics that are associated with that seed.

Heaven awaits me wherever the Lord, the Provider of all, takes me.

Quotes on Karma

In this world, if you beg for pleasure, you will be given suffering.

Don’t give any thought to what other people may be thinking of us. Instead, try to imagine what God is thinking about us.

It Is Like a Corpse If the People Use the Wealth That God Has Given Them for Themselves Only or for Storing It Away If They Do Either of These Things. However, if they want to share it with other people, then it is elevated to the status of sacred food.

Arguments on whether or not to consume meat are only valid among fools. They do not comprehend the reality, nor do they reflect on it in any way. Who gets to decide what’s considered meat and what’s considered a plant? Who can say if eating animals or not eating animals is more of a moral transgression?

Sing joyful songs to the Lord, serve the name of the Lord, and make yourself His servant so that you may serve others who serve him.

Quotes for Living Life

Waheguru Ji is always there for everyone, through the highs and lows of their lives. People put their trust in him and come to him for advice if they have a problem. Even when there is no one else around to support you, Waheguru would never stop bestowing his blessings upon you.

If anything goes wrong with your plan, look at it as a blessing in disguise from Waheguru. You will be protected from any kind of danger by his blessings. Consider the fact that he is trying to protect himself by limiting you from engaging in some activities as a sign of respect.

You should pray to Waheguru that he would bless not just your dwellings but also the people who live in them. He will provide protection for your people and ensure that their lives are preserved. He will clear the way for you so that you won’t have to deal with any difficulties that may arise along the way.

When you go down on one knee in front of Guru Sahib, he will advocate for you and guard you from harm. He bestows his favour upon you so that you may go on in your life with confidence. He will lead you in the right direction at all times.

Do not stop praying to Waheguru because you believe he is not paying attention to you. Your petitions will be heard and answered in due time. If you want to obtain his favours, you will need to exercise patience.

Each one of us is a student here at the Gurudwara school. Waheguru Ji is our spiritual guide and the one who enlightens us about the meaning and function of our lives. He takes care to direct us in the appropriate direction.

Our instructor is known as Satguru, and he instructs us in Sewa, which translates to “service.”

Despite the fact that we live in a transient planet and are ourselves transient beings, we want for love that lasts forever. Even though we have no idea when this chapter will close, individuals continue to be filled with animosity, jealously, cruelty, and a wide variety of other negative emotions.

God will direct your steps, watch over you, provide for you, and correct you. Maintain your composure and go with the flow. Don’t ask him about his choices.

Keep your kind behaviour of the regular people. Waheguru is omniscient and is aware of everything. When the moment is right, he will take action. Your hard effort will reward you in a favourable way in all aspects of your life.

There is a purpose behind everything that takes place. Waheguru will, in due time, make clear to you why you were put through all of those trials and tribulations, even if you don’t comprehend them now. You shouldn’t hold it against Waheguru that he didn’t save you from your demons because he wanted you to learn how to battle alongside them.

Just go with the flow; God will direct the events of your tale. If you want to be successful in life, he will guide you in the proper way and assist you in making the appropriate choices.

The only thing you can do is embrace your history; you can’t change it, delete it, reword it, or replace it. You can bury it very deeply inside your memory, but you can’t entirely let it go and go on with your life. In this situation, it is in everyone’s best interest to put the past in the past and move on. God has more excellent things in store for you.

The outside world just sees what you do and judges you based on that, but Waheguru knows the motivation behind your actions and can guide you along the proper road to improve yourself.

When we hear the name of the one we care about most, Waheguru brings a smile to our faces since it helps us feel closer to them. He desires for us to go about our lives in a joyful manner.

Waheguru ji Quotes In Punjabi

Log rang badalte ne
Par mera Waheguru Waqt badalda hai

Ardass Meri Rehmat Teri
Gunnaah Mere, Bakshish Teri

Jado Rabb Saambh Lenda Hai Taa
Puri Duniya Mil Ke V Tuanu Hara Ni Sakdi.

Hosle Buland Rakhi Malka
Changeh-maadey Din Ta Aunde Hi Rehnde Ne.

Apne Aap Ch Sabar Rakho Har Phool Apne Apne Time Teh Khilda

Na Socheya Kro Ena Zindagi De Barre Jine Zindagi Di Ae Usne V Taan Kuj Socheya Hou

Rabb Naal Judke Raho Haalat Tuhanu Tod Nahi Sakde

Dhan Dhan
Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji
De Parkash Purab Diya
Aap Nu Lakh Lakh Vadhaiya

Changga maaara time rabb de hath aa
Je time maara vi chalda aa te haar naa maanoo
Channgga time vi jaroor aauga

Saiya tu na kare te kare ho keda
Meriya sab zabhata puriya ni..Loki
Takde aib sinh mere to main takda
Rehmata teriya ni.”

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