Lethal Love (PDF/ePUB) By Kim G . M Read Online For Free

Lethal Love (PDF/ePUB) By Kim G . M Read Online For Free.

Lethal Love PDF/ePub Information

Book Name:Lethal Love
Author:Kim G . M
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At first, Kalliope assumed the New Year’s Eve celebration would be like any other, but then she had an encounter with a mysterious stranger that changed everything. They had a thrilling and passionate night together, but when she awoke the next morning, she was lying next to a lifeless body. When she learns that the man she slept with is a high-ranking member of the Irish Mafia, her entire life collapses. Then, however, she runs upon the notoriously violent Red Devil. He promises to keep her safe, but at what cost? Even though Kalliope has reason not to trust him, she may have little choice if death is following in her footsteps.

Ronan was surprised to find himself in the company of such a fascinating woman as Kalliope. He is sent to kill her because she poses a threat, but he makes a deal with the devil instead. His icy, calculated heart begins to soften as he keeps an eye on her. His commitment to the mob begins to waver in favour of his desire to safeguard her. But can he protect her from harm if he encounters it? As his feelings for Kalliope grow, Ronan must face his own issues while protecting her from an intricate web of lies and peril. Will their odd union be enough to survive in a world where trust is hard to come by, or will their forbidden love prove the

Beginning of the Plot

Candace Kensington’s new wife, Kalliope, is staying in a luxury New York hotel. She can’t wait to meet wealthy people and broaden her professional horizons. She believes that the power of the moon will enable her to move into a luxury high-rise.

Candace introduces Kalliope to her customer and buddy, Declan. They have a time to talk to one other and express their affection for one another. Declan acknowledges that he is anxious about his future with Kalliope, but they have decided to face the next year as a team. There are applause from the audience, couples hugging, and people chugging their drinks.

Kalliope stops to check with Declan to see whether she wants to check out of the hotel. She has been single for five months, so she feels ready to break go and take a vehicle for a spin. She texts Candace to express her gratitude for the invitation. The automobile is delivered by the valet, and Kalliope climbs into the passenger seat, where she is immediately overcome by the aroma of fresh leather.

In this narrative, everyone around Kalliope is optimistic about her future and confident in her abilities. She is buoyed by the night’s momentum and ready to face her worries and make her aspirations a reality in the new year.

Candace’s husband Locke introduced Kalliope and Declan, and now they were on their way to his apartment to see him. At the underground parking lot, he welcomed her with a friendly face. When he inquired as to her preferred flavour of frozen dessert, she said salted caramel. The two of them went on an ice cream date after he made the suggestion.

As they entered his flat, he grabbed her by the waist and told her that he was STD-free. The honesty in his words moved her, and she unfurled her arms, letting the garment fall to the floor. As he assisted her in removing his polo shirt, he assured her that he was safe.

As he undid her bra straps, Kalliope placed her face in his chest. She stared into his eyes and could see the famished look on his face. He groaned and pulled her into his arms as if to say, “I want to fuck you until you’re senseless.” She gently kissed the length of his neck, trailing her tongue around his ear and nibbling at it.

The late-rising Kalliope discovered that she had slept off in her makeup. Her pupils dilated and a red alarm bell sounded in her head. With nausea rising to her throat, she shifted Declan onto his side. That Declan was gone and she was still here dawned on her. As she got out of bed and leaned against the wall, she felt a weight descend onto her chest.

About The Author Kim G . M

Author Kim G. M. brings us the dangerously sexy bad guys of the mafia underground in “Lethal Love” and the rest of the Lethal Series. She spends her non-writing time reading, having intellectually stimulating conversations with her pals, or watching trashy reality television.

Lethal Love Book Summary

I absolutely loved this read. The story begins with a tantalising hint of spice, drawing readers in with its irresistible allure. And as the plot unfolds, it takes an exciting turn, delving into the captivating realm of enemies turned lovers. In my opinion, Kalliope really frustrated me at first, making me feel like I wanted to wring her neck. However, as time went on, I noticed a positive change in her.

Character Development and All That In my humble opinion, Ronan is the epitome of a true gentleman. His charm and charisma are simply unmatched. From the moment I first laid eyes on him, I knew he was the one for me. Every interaction with Ronan feels like a fairytale come to life. His presence “My Man” This had me giggling and kicking my feet with joy.

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