Vicious Prince (PDF/ePUB) By Rina Kent – Royal Elite #5

Vicious Prince (PDF/ePUB) By Rina Kent Read online for free.

Vicious Prince Information

Book Name:Vicious Prince
Author:Rina Kent
SeriesRoyal Elite #5
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.39 MB
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He is a handsome prince. Not hers, though.

I’m hiding something.
I stole a heart, or more accurately, a contract to get married.
I didn’t own it, look at it, or even think about it.
But it was there and I could take it, so I did.
Huge mistake.
Ronan Astor is a member of the world’s upper class.
Prideful player.
Rude, heartless jerk.
Vicious prince.
Now, he wants to kill me.
He doesn’t know that I also want to kill him.
I’m Teal Van Doren, and kings come to me to die.

Vicious Prince is one of the books in the Royal Elite Series, but it can also be read on its own. You might want to read the books that came before this one to learn more about the world. This is a dark, new adult romance about a high school bully. Some readers might find some of the events in the book offensive.

About The Author Rina Kent

Author of acclaimed romance novels, Rina Kent has found success on Amazon’s famous platform as well as in the United States and throughout the world. Her signature writing style focuses on frank depictions of villains and anti-heroes, an approach likely inspired by her own identification with misfits. Rina’s tales are captivating because she infuses them with just the right amount of darkness, just the right amount of anguish, and just the right amount of passion. She relaxes in London, a city that never sleeps, and where she can laugh like a genius while plotting the chaos that will feed her ever-expanding fictional world. A self-proclaimed “Cat Lady,” Rina spends her time away from the office exploring new places, going on exciting hikes, and lavishing attention on her many cats.

Vicious Prince Book Summary

I like this writer a lot. Her last book made me sob uncontrollably! In this book, she talks about a difficult subject, and I really liked how she dealt with it.

This is Teal’s story, and the first part of the book was so great!!! Teal was such a new kind of main character, and I loved being in her head. She only wants one thing in life, and Roman is her way to get it.

Ronan, the lovable, optimistic guy we’ve come to know and appreciate. However, he is deceptively not what he looks to be. Being an Astor means he has high expectations to fulfil. A relationship is the very last thing he needs. However, he appears to be receiving that from Teal.

Teal and Ronan got along so well together. I liked how they talked to each other, so I read the book quickly. I liked the writing and the characters, but I thought the story was over too soon. With that finish, I felt like it was rushed and the main point was swept under the rug, even though it was what held the story together.

Overall, it was a great book that I’ll remember for a long time. I just had a problem with how it ended. Still, I think it’s good. Rina Kent is a wonderful writer.

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