Royal Elite Epilogue (PDF/ePUB) By Rina Kent – Royal Elite #7

Royal Elite Epilogue (PDF/ePUB) By Rina Kent Read Online for free.

Royal Elite Epilogue Information

Book Name:Royal Elite Epilogue
Author:Rina Kent
SeriesRoyal Elite #7
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.13 MB
ePub Size 590 KB
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In this massive concluding chapter to the Royal Elite series, all five couples from the original story return.
Family: Levi, Astrid, Aiden, Elsa, Xander, Kimberly, Ronan, Teal, Cole, and Silver Friends:

This epilogue takes place after the events of the final book in the Royal Elite Series, thus those books must be read first.

About The Author Rina Kent

Author of the #1 bestselling enemies-to-lovers series on Amazon, Rina Kent has books featured in the best-seller lists around the world.

Because she frequently fell in love with men no one roots for, she is known for writing unashamed anti-heroes and villains. She lives in London and spends her free time plotting more ways to bring chaos into the world and giggling about it.

Royal Elite Epilogue Book Summary

All my feelings were triggered by this novel. It’s the final chapter in the Royal Elites series, and it features the happy endings of all the couples. This results in a lack of storyline, and makes me wish that some of the scenes, especially those involving my fave couple, Aiden and Elsa, had been longer. But I was overjoyed to see how their other relationships developed.

Their engagements, nuptials, honeymoons, and baby-announcing parties are all depicted, as are scenes of them and their offspring mingling and playing together at the Meet Up. Reading this book brought back so many fond memories that I’m almost inclined to revisit the entire series. The Aiden/Elsa trilogy and the Kimmie/Xander novel are two examples.

For a series about a dark relationship, this story was surprisingly tender. The adorable elements from the books were heavily reintroduced. I read the most of these books last year, and if they were still fresh in my mind, I’m pretty sure I would have been bawling my eyes out during the whole thing. Details like the characters’ pet names for one another and their love in-jokes were brilliantly utilised by Rina Kent. Their offspring are introduced to us in the epilogues as well. Some of them are obviously going to start dating soon. Already, Eli and Ava are my ship! Cole’s opposition to the couple’s future romance is hilarious, and I love that Aiden urges Eli to disregard Cole and pursue his feelings for Ava nevertheless.

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