Until I Get You (PDF/ePUB) By Claire Contreras Read Online

Until I Get You (PDF/ePUB) By Claire Contreras Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Until I Get You
Author:Claire Contreras
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At Fairview University, I had a well-established reputation. I was widely considered to be the best prospect in the upcoming NHL draught. Others aspired to join me or become like me.

Other than Lyla James Marichal, of course.

She didn’t eye me suspiciously, like I may be dinner. She gave me the cold shoulder.
She didn’t try to win me over or even acknowledge my existence, instead pushing me away.

She was well out of my reach, but it only made me want her more.

I felt like the king of the world when I acquired her. Going into the draught, I was certain that with Lyla by my side, I could assist the squad win another championship.

And then, suddenly, she was gone.


I was searching for her for three years before I finally located her; now that I have, she owes me far more than an explanation for why we lost contact.

I lost everything because of her three years ago.
I was about to become everything she feared the most.


OUT OF DESPERATION, OFTENTIMES, WINGS ARE FORMED. As I gazed at my vehicle, trying to ignore the icy temperature, it was the main thing on my mind. It seemed to be an act of vandalism at first sight, but I knew better. I took a deep breath and moved forward, round to the driver’s side as glass crunched beneath my feet. Before getting into the driver’s seat, I opened the door and wiped it clean with my T-shirt. The smoke filled my vehicle as soon as I closed the door, and I had to gag. It was an immediate, primal response. I closed my eyes tightly and clutched the duffel bag on my lap tightly as I attempted to power through it.

When I reached over to the passenger seat to lay down my luggage, I was taken aback by the sight of a shard of glass that had been placed there with great care. When I turned on the ignition, my hands trembled. Another bud of smoke lay on the dashboard. I carefully concealed any response as I drove away and left it there. It was obvious he was observing. Even though I couldn’t see him, I knew he was there. He got a kick out of this kind of thing, but I wasn’t going to let him into my heart since he didn’t deserve it. His meaning was quite plain to both of us. I was nervous as I drove home, but otherwise I was OK.

I got home quickly after parking and locked the door. When I got home, I went straight to bed. I sighed heavily as I studied the pictures in front of me, my silent reminder of what might have happened had I relaxed my guard. Marissa had prepared an ensemble for me to wear. I almost decided not to go to the gathering. The final two years of college were spent in virtual isolation, so I didn’t.

I had finally had enough. I was fed up with him trying to ruin my life on purpose. I simply wanted to be a normal college student and enjoy myself at a party without any kind of repercussions. This party has a lot of regulations.No phones or photos are allowed, and only invited visitors are invited. Without a doubt, I was free to depart. There, I was certain he wouldn’t bother me. He was unable to. At that point, I wasn’t sure whether it mattered at all.

We weren’t even a secret to him. We may go in two days. A whole week! I got to my feet and gave the outfit another once-over. What he still had on me was brought back to mind by his message. He had already attempted to clip my wings. He presumably planned to burn them this time instead of just ripping them up. I refused to give in and allow him. That morning, I arose and prepared for the celebration.

About The Author Claire Contreras

New York Times best-selling author Claire Contreras. Her works, which can be broadly categorised as either romantic suspense or contemporary romance, have been translated into over fifteen languages so far. She spends her non-writing time reading or spending time with her loved ones.

Until I Get You Book Summary

Until I Get You begins as a romance set in the world of collegiate athletics but quickly shifts into the genres of romantic suspense and dark romance. I’m not usually one for romantic suspense, but Claire Contreras writes a fantastic tale. This novel immediately grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go.

Lachlan is the best player on his college hockey team and is a lock to play in the National Hockey League. He first sees Lyla at a party and immediately falls in love with her. Lyla is close with a select few people, although she is otherwise reclusive. She wasn’t always like this, but her life experiences have made her more resilient. In any case, Lachlan is unable to avoid Lyla and wears her down. The moment Lyla begins to hope that things will work out, something major occurs, and she immediately departs.

Since then, three years have passed, and Lachlan has located Lyla. This time, he will not allow her to escape. Lachlan Duke was the ideal protagonist for me because he was possessive and obsessive. Was there ever an excess of something good? Sure. However, I lacked concern. His love for Lyla was endearing. His devotion to her was undeniable despite his intensity and preoccupation, and I could not have been happier. The intensity of the emotions associated with the notion of “touch her and die” is significant. Lyla possessed considerable power as well. Despite the obstacles, their match was flawless.

This wasn’t your normal sports romance, and that’s why I enjoyed it so much. Claire did a terrific job taking it further and darker. It had just the right amount of melancholy, darkness, suspense, and humour to keep me entertained. A lot happens to Lyla. There’s rape/SA, a suicide, a parent’s death, and I found myself cheering for her. Her coming-of-age was a joy to witness. You should read this one right away.

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