Like, Lust, Love (PDF/ePUB) By Maya Rose Read Online

Like, Lust, Love (PDF/ePUB) By Maya Rose Read Online For Free.

Like, Lust, Love Information

Book Name:Like, Lust, Love
Author:Maya Rose
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Have you ever heard the one where the girl has feelings for her best friend but he eventually falls in love with someone else?

The boy who claimed me wasn’t mine to keep after all.
A girl has no choice but to hide her broken heart.
That might be the ending of the story if that had actually happened to us.

I’m here to help him pick up the pieces when life starts to fall apart.
Never mind that he is still undeniably attractive to me. Fierce. Persuasive.
He continues to treat me like royalty.

But by looking at me naked, he undressed me. This is a novel idea.
He put his tongue in my mouth to stop our quarrel. This is a whole new phenomenon.
Doing nasty things to me after whispering them in my ear? Never before have we…

There is an innate, unbreakable bond between us.
Together, we make magic.

What does he mean when he says he needs me but can’t love me? The harsh reality for us.

It’s been said that love is a fire. Nonetheless, what is rightfully yours will come back to you.
This is the beginning of River and Aiden’s story.

It’s a full-length book about buddies who end up falling in love.
It features vivid hot scenes and a hero who uses foul language frequently.
Not suitable for minors.

About The Author Maya Rose

I thrive on heartfelt romance, can’t stand clean-talking (but plenty of swearing) heroes, and live for strong, independent women who don’t back down from a fight. The excitement of writing a happy ending for two formidable characters is one of my favourite writing highs. My novels have a healthy dose of humour, wit, not-too-much anguish, and smouldering desire.
My days are filled with writing hot storylines, exploring new places, and juggling the antics of a two-year-old who believes he’s an adult and an adult who acts like a three-year-old.

Like, Lust, Love Book Summary

So, this little treasure appeared in my kindle’s recommended reading list. Overall, I enjoyed it. Aiden is on the verge of insanity. The boundary between hero and villain is blurred for him. Despite the fact that this isn’t a gothic romance…. There are some ominous undertones, in my opinion. There was an unhealthy love between them, as well as dependence on each other, manipulation, and even a threat of suicide. As the novel progressed, my hatred for Aiden only grew. Though he had no interest in River himself, he was averse to the idea of anyone else being with her. There was no disputing that he and River shared chemistry, but it was draining. He had brought River in, just to toss her free.

River… Even though I liked her, she was a total doormat. She threw herself upon Aiden and ate whatever he had left. I appreciated that she sought to put the past behind her and forge ahead with her life. I hope that Daniel (the om) gets a fair chance from her. The man was decent.

In terms of om and ow drama, it was executed competently. Aiden did pick ow initially, but we know from his pov that he is unhappy without River and that he stops sleeping with ow after she tells him she loves him and they share a passionate kiss. Em (the ow) was not that interesting. She’s nice, but she basically accepts everything at face value. I found the om, Daniel, to be a very likeable character. What Aiden isn’t, he is in spades. Tattooed, self-assured, and generous. He doesn’t have a problem coming right out and asking for what he wants. The unfortunate reality is that River has developed an unhealthy fixation on Aiden.

Overall, I enjoyed reading it. I enjoy reading about J/P couples like Aiden and River in fiction, but if they existed in real life, River would have to get a restraining order against him.

The fact that River was a 26-year-old virgin is the only reason I did not award the books 5 stars. That really irritates me. The year is 2023. Women that enjoy smex are not judged. There’s no reason to feel guilty. It’s absurd that heroines would risk their lives by remaining virgins for men who don’t deserve them. Aside than that, though, I adored the book and can’t wait to read more by Maya Rose.

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