The Defiant Mate (PDF/ePUB) By Jennifer Francis Read Online

The Defiant Mate (PDF/ePUB) By Jennifer Francis Read Online for free.

The Defiant Mate Information

Book Name:The Defiant Mate
Author:Jennifer Francis
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Jay-la has been exiled from the Blood Moon Pack by Alpha Nathan, the future leader of the pack, whom she had been romantically involved with for a duration of slightly more than one year. This expulsion was a consequence of her physically assaulting his recently discovered destined partner, and she has been explicitly instructed to refrain from returning. Jay-la remains in an alpha-ordered state, refraining from becoming rogue solely due to his lack of leadership as the current Alpha. When inquired about the reason behind her aggressive behaviour towards the future Luna, Kora, the wolf, articulates her motive as being driven by the instinct to safeguard her offspring.

The individual in question decides to re-enroll in a university and reside within the campus premises in order to complete her law degree. Subsequently, she chooses to engage in the human realm as a legal practitioner specialising in divorce cases, deliberately distancing herself from her pack. This conscious separation is motivated by her desire to avoid conflict with the future Luna, who harbours animosity against her and would hardly accept her offspring. An undisclosed piece of information that remains unknown to the general public.

The individual in question has been absent for a duration of six years, during which she receives an official correspondence urging her to return to her place of origin. Rather than complying with the directive issued by the current authoritative figure, Alpha Nathan, she proceeds to incinerate the letter and openly challenges his command.

Regardless of the circumstances, he is determined to bring her in. It is highly unlikely that she will return. She will exert effort to remain in the realm of humans, distancing herself from him and his Luna, who pose a threat to her offspring.

In the context of her established presence among humans and the potential challenges associated with her unexpected disappearance, is it feasible for him to confine and subsequently reintegrate her into his pack, therefore restoring her rightful place by his side?

About The Author Jennifer Francis

Jennifer Ann Francis assumed the position of senior scientist at Woods Hole Research Centre in 2018, subsequent to her tenure as a research professor at Rutgers University’s Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, which commenced in 1994.

The Defiant Mate Book Summary

I derived pleasure from reading this literary work. In fact, the text was read at an accelerated pace. The conclusion of the narrative seems to exhibit a sense of hastiness, albeit with the optimistic assumption that this may be attributed to the author’s intention to continue the story in a subsequent volume, which is anticipated to be released in the near future.

I have a strong interest in engaging with contentious dramatic narratives, and I would have been particularly intrigued by the prospect of witnessing a confrontation between Havoc and Alpha Austin, or observing Nathan’s discovery of Jackson’s undisclosed desire for Jay-la, as it appeared to me. (No spoilers are there within this text; it solely consists of personal imaginings.) Furthermore, there exist other elements that may have contributed to the expansion of the book or could perhaps be incorporated into its sequel. I am filled with optimism. However, the outcome was ultimately favourable. The desire for additional resources was solely mine. I desire.

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