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Book Name:To Love Jason Thorn
Author:Ella Maise
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My brother has a childhood friend named Jason Thorn.

Oh, I was so irrationally infatuated with that guy. My first real crush was on him; he was the first boy to ever make me blush. That’s a lovely description, right? He was the catalyst for all of your pent-up euphoria, the source of those fabled first-date butterflies. However, you will only be able to enjoy this fairytale existence for so long before your dreams are dashed and your heart is trampled upon. Oh, how he shattered my tender heartedness.

After the stomping incident, he became the boy I avoided at all costs, which was easier said than done given that his bed was directly across from mine.
When his family had a tragedy and had to move, I was ready to forget about him.

Now he’s a movie star, the one whose dimpled grin sends girls and women of all ages into a squealing frenzy. Would you call that romantic? Not in my opinion, anyway. How about I meet him eye to eye? Sadly, it’s still not dreamy. Not when I feel like I can’t even meet his gaze.

Me? Hello, my name is Olive and I’m a brand new writer. True story: I penned the novel that served as the basis for the film he’s about to star in. Recently, I’ve also been referred to as the lucky girl who will soon be married to Jason Thorn.
Perhaps you’re thinking, “This is so dreamy,” once again. Not at all a dreamy situation. Far from it.

The standalone novel To Love Jason Thorn features some steamy, lively consensual sex.

About Ella Maise Author

I can’t see myself ever doing anything other than writing and giving birth to new characters and stories. Do you ever have those moments when your joy just overflows? A fantastic novel, a cute little dog, or a long, tight embrace with someone you’ve been missing so much? That’s how I feel when I write. And in the end, it was all worth the effort, the worry, and the sleepless nights. That’s how I want you to feel after reading one of my books.

Synopsis of the Book “To Love Jason Thorn”

When Olive Taylor was six years old, Jason Thorn moved in next door and became her brother’s best friend. Sweet little Olive fell madly and deeply in love with Jason at first sight, and she poured her heart out to him in a way that only a first love can. Olive is devastated emotionally when she is a teenager and Jason breaks her heart.

Jason Thorn had a tumultuous upbringing. He treasured the Taylors’ generosity and attention more than anything else in the world. He treasured his time with them, especially with little Olive, whom he treated with great tenderness and care. Even Olive, who welcomed the opportunity to move on from her first love, feels some sadness when a family tragedy results in Jason leaving.

Years later, when their paths cross again, something exciting happens. In the movie version of Olive’s best-selling book, Jason will play the main character. Almost immediately, Jason recognises Olive, and a new, mature friendship develops between them.


This book was fantastic. The totality of it. I was successful with it all. I appreciated that even when Olive was a kid, Jason never forgot about her. He was sweet and loving to her, shielding her from harm and even the criticism of her older brother on occasion. I really like that this wasn’t marketed as a “he had no idea she existed” story. He had always loved her, but in a different way. He wasn’t necessarily being malicious when he broke her heart. Olive was just incredibly sensitive and her heart was easily broken.

I really appreciated the humorous tone throughout. Many times I actually guffawed out loud. Olive is lovable despite her oddities as a child and as an adult. Even though he’s famous and has a lot of problems, Jason hasn’t forgotten his roots. He still remembers Olive, and seeing her again gives him a sense of stability and permanence. There are some breathtaking moments as their story progresses and his feelings for Olive develop. I adore the feelings you get when you know something big is happening and you almost feel like you’re falling in love with someone.

My one, relatively insignificant complaint was resolved quickly and amicably. I yearned to learn more about Olive’s relatives. I wondered how (or why) they could stand by and watch her life play out the way it did. But when they did reappear, it was so touching and sweet that it took my breath away. Her family is wonderful, and I adore them. Even her bumbling big brother, who never fails to make her laugh.

This book is the epitome of cuteness, with its interesting plot and abundance of endearingly offbeat humour. So swoony and sexy in a way that caught me off guard but made my heart race all the same! I just can’t seem to suppress a grin. Oh, my face! To Love Jason Thorn is guaranteed to satisfy your need for light drama and an abundance of silly laughs.

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