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Thorn Information

Book Name:Thorn
Author:Xee Sambo
SeriesThorn #1
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)

Keep your secrets to yourself at all costs. Yet hatred is also a part of life. Who would emerge victorious from a fight to the finish?

I am not without a history. A history that shattered my world and forced me to seek refuge in Chicago. A year had passed before I was ready to go on, and that wasn’t until I met him. A mysterious person who turned out to be a dangerous predator.

Only “Devil” adequately described Nate Logan. He is the antichrist, reborn to torment me. He and his pals have a secret they wouldn’t tell me about, just like I do. Something hidden that explained their animosity against me. But as my history kept popping up unexpectedly, I began to worry for my sanity and the life I had built for myself. Love intervened between our fights, and I was terrified once again of losing the one thing that made my life worth living. My life had finally stabilised, but then the biggest secret Nate and his pals had been harbouring was exposed, and everything came crashing down again. And I learned that it’s impossible to keep a secret and that people aren’t always what they appear.

About The Author Xee Sambo

Zainab Sambo was conceived in Nigeria, in the state of Kano. At the age of fourteen, she discovered a love for writing and began considering publishing her own work. She is an avid fan of fine art in all forms. She adores writing about strong female protagonists and dominant male protagonists in Contemporary romance.

Thorn Book Summary

Thorn! Let me tell you right off the bat, even though this is the first book in the series: the book has potential, and the characters have potential! However, something was obviously lacking. The tale and the interplay between the characters were constantly on the verge of collapsing, but they managed to keep their balance. Sometimes the tension would develop, the mystery would captivate you, and then you’d come across a mistake or grammatical error (which really annoys me) and the whole thing would lose its lustre. Also, I didn’t always feel an emotional connection to the protagonist; she came across as a bit dramatic at times. Again, I assume this is because this is the first book in a series, and I would hope that subsequent novels will be edited more thoroughly.
A story that might be great with a little polishing. Have fun reading!

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