Things We Never Got Over (PDF/ePUB) By Lucy Score Read Online

Things We Never Got Over (PDF/ePUB) By Lucy Score Read Online for free.

Things We Never Got Over Information

Book Name:Things We Never Got Over
Author:Lucy Score
SeriesKnockemout #1
File Type:PDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size:2.53 MB
ePub Size575 KB
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Bearded bad-boy barber Knox likes his solitude as much as he does his daily coffee. Not counting his basset hound, Waylon.
Knox won’t tolerate the drama, even if it involves a missing fugitive bride.

Naomi’s desire to avoid commitment extended beyond the nuptials. In order to rescue her long-lost brother, she was heading to Knocked Out, Virginia, a town where people settled their disagreements the old fashioned way: with fists and beer. That’s the regular course of events.

Naomi’s sister hasn’t improved her character, unfortunately. Tina steals Naomi’s car and cash without her permission, but then she unexpectedly gives them back to her. We finally reunited with Naomi’s lost niece. Now she’s stuck taking care of her eleven-year-old who behaves thirty, without a car, a job, a plan, or a place to call home.

Knox avoids complicated situations and ladies that require a lot of his time and attention for good reason. But because Naomi’s life collapsed before his eyes, he ought to at least try to assist her. Once she stops making difficulty, he’ll be able to ignore her and return to his quiet existence.

That’s the plan, at least, until the difficulty becomes imminent danger.

About The Author Lucy Score

New York Times bestseller author Lucy Score has risen to the top spot overnight. She graduated from college with a degree in journalism after being raised in a family where reading was strictly forbidden at the dinner table.

She lives with her husband, Mr. Lucy, and their annoying cat, Cleo, in Pennsylvania, where she writes full time. Lucy can be found on the couch, in the kitchen, or at the gym when she is not hard at work on her latest novel’s heartbreaker hero or kickass heroine.

She dreams of being able to do her writing from a sailboat, a condo on the water, or a tropical island, all while connected to the internet.

Things We Never Got Over Book Summary

On the day it was released, Things We Never Got Over caught my eye because so many of my Goodreads friends had already marked it as “to-read” and were gushing about it. And with a cover as stunning as that, you can’t pass it up.

However, I decided to give it a shot because it had so many excellent reviews and was featured on many readers’ top 10 of 2022 lists.

This is the first of Lucy Score’s works I’ve read, and I can see why her fans keep coming back.
Her words have a mesmerising effect, transporting you right into the lives of the characters.
The author includes a large number of minor characters and provides much background information, both of which add depth to the plot and make it more believable. It’s like adding a secret ingredient to a sweet treat.

Despite the fact that it addresses serious issues and trauma, I found this book to be soothing.
Maybe it’s because it’s set in a tiny town and the people in it feel like friends and neighbours.

The fact that everything seemed so simple for Naomi was the only part I didn’t love. Everything she needed—a home, a career, a guardian male—seemed to just fall into her lap. That’s my one criticism, although it’s important to note that I still loved the book.

The tale was fantastic, and I plan to continue reading the rest of the series as well as the other of Lucy Score’s novels.

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I can’t really put into words how glad I am to have found a novel that uplifted me so much while I was reading it. Thanks to the author, Lucy Score, and to everyone who suggested it to me for reading.

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