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Book Name:Unperfect
Author:Susie Tate
SeriesUnperfect #1
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Mia comes up to her interview at a prestigious architecture firm with little more than 27 pence, a squished loaf of bread, and a jar of peanut butter. She really needs to find work. Regardless of how terrified she is of the company’s CEO.

Max is known as “that grumpy northern architect off Grand Designs” for his comments to Kevin McCloud that designing affordable, environmentally friendly homes “wasn’t rocket science” and that most of the other projects featured on the show were for “reight poncy bastads who want to spend a grand on a shite tap.” The episode went viral, and Max became the new reluctant pin-up of the construction business because he embodied the ideal of the ruggedly handsome Yorkshire guy.

Big, grouchy males were not attractive to Mia; rather, they were downright frightening. She has learned the hard way that men of ordinary build are not necessarily safe to be around. She would have left if she weren’t so desperate. She regularly engages in high-velocity sprints. Mia’s specific skill is evasion; she has learned the art of running away and can also make herself invisible, both of which have served her well over the years. She has decided to disregard Max’s mood swings, run on regardless of the fact that he has called her a “emo freak” and that her black hair was once honey blonde and that her heavy eyeliner isn’t intentional. Do your best to stay alive. See if you can get away with hiding.

When no one is looking, it’s simple to remain unseen. But what takes place when Max opens his eyes?

Complete modern office romance from enemies to loves.

Warning: this text contains some mild profanity and may trigger readers who have experienced domestic violence.

About The Author Susie Tate

Author and physician Susie Tate resides in picturesque Dorset with her charming husband, charming (most of the time) three boys, and properly charming dog. Her anecdotes have the capacity to make you smile and shed a tear.

Unperfect Book Summary

As one of my favourite types of romance novels, Unperfect tells the timeless tale of a lady on the run who finds love. I’ve been reading as many books with this trope as I can get my hands on, so when I saw this brand new novel with this trope as its major plotline on Netgalley, I couldn’t wait to read it. Oh, my goodness!

The characters are the book’s greatest strength. I find it refreshing when the hero and heroine don’t have instant chemistry. Max and Mia are not experiencing instant chemistry. the opposite is true. Mia has dropped a lot of weight and now looks like a goth (which is a negative thing) because she has dyed her hair black and has been hiding out on the run. Max, being Max, is extremely direct and brutal in pointing this out to her. Although they got off to a difficult start, their relationship eventually blossomed into a beautiful slow burn. Mia is delicate but strong. Max appears rough on the exterior but is actually quite mushy and sticky inside. It’s obvious that they’re meant to be together, and I enjoyed following their tale as it developed.

The supporting cast, especially Max’s kid brother and sister, are brilliantly crafted. They’re developed into multifaceted, plot-supporting characters with romantic potential of their own. (His sister is planning a date with his closest buddy, and you can bet that I’ll be there to witness it.)
This book’s storyline revolves around one of my fave cliches, but it doesn’t achieve anything particularly interesting with that cliche. The plot progresses in the same predictable manner. However, if you’re a fan of this particular genre convention, you’re in for a fun time. It has the perfect amount of melancholy. There is tension throughout the novel, but not so much that you can’t take a breath and enjoy the tender love moments.
Overall, I think this novel would appeal to readers who want a deliciously angsty romance in which the heroine is on the run and falls in love with an unlikely hero.

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