This is How You Lose the Time War (PDF/ePub) by Amal El-Mohtar

This is How You Lose the Time War PDF/ePub by Amal El-Mohtar Free Book

This is How You Lose the Time War PDF/ePub

Book NameThis is How You Lose the Time War
AuthorAmal El-Mohtar
FilePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
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That’s the Way to Waste Your Time Details of a War Experience
A Commandant agent finds a note among the wreckage of a dead planet. Burn this before reading. Here begins an unlikely conversation between two competitive spies who, despite being on opposing sides, desire what’s best for their respective battling factions. The jibes and brags of the battlefield have evolved into something deeper. This is a huge deal. An act of intense feeling. ability to make changes to present and future events.

But they can’t let anyone know about their link or they’ll both die. After all, fighting has not stopped. Additionally, somebody has to come out on top of the conflict.

Amal El-Mohtar, the Author Biography

Amal El-Mohtar is a prominent author whose works across genres have been widely praised. Some of the collections and anthologies that have included her work are: The Honey Month (2010), The Djinn Falls in Love and Other Stories (2017), The Starlit Wood: The Thackery T. (2016), New Fairy Tales (2016), and Kaleidoscope: Diverse Tales of Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy (2014). Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities (2011). She worked with best-selling author Max Gladstone on the book This Is How You Lose the Time War. New York Times, NPR Books, and have all published her articles or reviews. She has been writing an SF/F column for the New York Times, which is represented by DongWon Song of HMLA, since February 2018.

Synopsis of the Book: This Is How You Lose the Time War

There’s something particularly moving about showing love against the backdrop of eternity. The stunning beauty of “This Is How You Lose the Time” is a testament to the fact that this method has been employed before without losing any of its impact. Conflict allows us to experience the infinite potential of love, which transcends both time and place. A fleeting emotion that can be observed despite the dissolution of galaxies, the rise and fall of mortal empires, and the ebb and flow of human success and stupidity.

Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone co-wrote the novel, which features a soaring epistalatory sapphic romance between two rival time-traveling agents involved in a struggle between their respective societies to dominate and rewrite the multiverse in order to exterminate the other. Following each other across time and space, the two agents, set in motion by a private battlefield provocation, become trapped in a maelstrom of self-discovery and passion in a story so whimsical and inventive, its beauty is so burning that the cosmos can hardly hold it.


The duelling voices of the authors, whose language interacts and converses with one another like the characters do, add to the novel’s refreshing originality. Several of these messages evolve into gorgeous, ethereal poetry in the second half of the book. In one letter, the author freely admits to straying into flowery language; yet, the development of the professed love between Red and Blue into purple is a very brilliant emotion.

The plot is driven as much by the characters’ feelings as by the sequence of events, and the writing is crisp throughout, switching between snippets of narration and dialogue. There is little time spent on exposition or explanation, but you are nonetheless thoroughly immersed in a world you may not fully understand, and the events that take place are usually unclear on design. Focusing on the connection between Red and Blue causes the rest of the universe to blur, much like the world does in those heady early stages of a new romantic engagement.


For a long time, I haven’t found a piece of writing that I enjoyed reading as much as this one. I listened to each chapter on CD twice before borrowing the ebook to read it on my own because it is such a refreshingly unique, abstract, poetic, and well-written love story. There were many visual pleasures and well-organized letters. The reader will love the thrilling ride of the two women’s growing intimacy over the course of the letters, and the cat-and-mouse game they play is interesting to read. Although the book’s repetitive format can wear thin after a while, I was impressed by the authors’ skill in bridging multiple time periods and genres, and I really liked The story takes a surprising turn at the end.

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