Mr. Wrong Number (PDF/ePUB) By Lynn Painter Read Online

Mr. Wrong Number (PDF/ePUB) By Lynn Painter Read Online for free.

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Book Name:Mr. Wrong Number
Author:Lynn Painter
SeriesMr. Wrong Number #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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In this humorous romantic comedy by Lynn Painter, a hot message from a random incorrect number leads to an anonymous relationship.

Olivia Marshall has had nothing but bad luck…or perhaps she really is the klutz her relatives assume her to be. She thinks things are looking up until a “What are you wearing?” text from an unknown number turns out to be the hottest, most fun (if anonymous) relationship of her life.

When Olivia, the obnoxious little sister of Colin Beck’s closest friend, moves in with them following one of her worst runs of luck, Colin finds that she has become a new and sexier distraction. After being confident in his ability to maintain his distance, he is shocked to learn that she is the seductive Miss Misdial with whom he has been “sort of sexting” for weeks. Now, he must decide whether to turn up the heat or ghost her to avoid a potentially awkward situation.

Beginning of the Plot

Olivia, a young woman with life issues, needs a coma so that she may figure out her future. She is staying with her brother Jack for a month, but she is trying to avoid his housemate out of concern for their relationship. Alone, she cries while listening to Adele on his Alexa.

Olivia is sent a picture of herself by an unknown sender, in her mother’s wedding dress and her beloved thong. Astounded, the stranger urges Olivia to crack dad jokes during their bonk. Olivia agrees, and the man on the street thanks her for her assistance.

Olivia takes a bath and gets ready for bed, but she keeps thinking about the fire and her clothes. After discovering a Cookie Monster pyjama top but no trousers, she decides to take a 30-minute shower using her roommate’s expensive conditioner. When she sets the bottle down on the floor, its contents scatter.

Before departing Chicago, Olivia tells her brother about the layoff, the treachery, the breakup, and her termination from his office floor. She prepares the biggest night-night toddy in the world by breaking the seal off a bottle of tequila.

Livia, age 5, has doubts about whether or not her mother will come see her before daylight. She says she’s seeking for work but doesn’t know where to look. When her mother asks, Livia always says she doesn’t have any guests. With Jack’s radio in hand, she checks in to see if her brother is nearby.

When the smoke cleared and her building fell, Livia told her mother that she had placed the money online the night before in order to purchase survival equipment. Her mother says she placed the cash in an online account, but she insists she didn’t. The hero’s bridge partner, Evie, could have the cash.

Her mother is unhappy and suggests she return to Chicago to deposit money, which Livia does. Livia gives her word and leaves. Hangover and embarrassed, she phones her mother to tell her about her embarrassing walk. Colin Beck, Jack’s best friend, follows her as she moves about the apartment. Her rejection of a disastrous dorm-wide flooding situation, her placement of fire sprinklers, and her rescuing of a stray puppy all delight him.

The heroine isn’t sure whether her mother would return, but she still wants to help out her loved ones.

About The Author Lynn Painter

Better Than The Movies, written by Lynn Painter, has been a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s probably binge-watching rom-coms or downing energy drinks, and she writes romantic comedies for both teens and adults.

Mr. Wrong Number Book Summary

Olivia Marshall and Colin Beck, her brother’s best friend, have a long history together in Mr. Wrong Number. When Olivia loses everything and must move in with her brother and Colin, she begins exchanging text messages with an unknown male. Her playful banter with Colin soon develops into something more serious, but neither of them realises that they have been exchanging messages the entire time.

Olivia is one of the funniest and most chaotic characters I’ve ever read; everything seems to go wrong for her, and she finds herself in the most impossible situations. Despite my dislike for some aspects of her character, I still want to hug this woman because she is such a lighthearted person and always brightens the mood. Colin is reserved but entertaining; he takes his work seriously but is also clearly laid back. I didn’t have as much of a connection to him as I did to Olivia; I was actually really angry about some things that occurred to him in the book, but at the end I simply wanted him to be happy because he did deserve it.

Olivia is a bit of a hot mess, but Colin is much more organised and methodical, and the two of them make a great pair. I found their chemistry so endearing and continued rooting for them to end up together despite the fact that they are polar opposites.

Jack caught me off guard, but he quickly became one of my favourite characters in the book thanks to his maturity, kindness, and unwavering loyalty to his best friend and sister in the face of adversity. I know he was merely a supporting character, but I still wish there had been more time spent with him.

The only reason I’m not giving this book five stars is because I was irritated with both Olivia and Colin at different points due to their lying. I have a personal vendetta against liars, no matter how tiny the lie. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a hilarious and steamy read from start to finish.

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As soon as I completed ‘Better Than The Movies’, another one of Lynn Painter’s novels, I knew she was a new favourite author of mine. The story is so charming and charmingly amusing that you can’t help but cheer for the pair throughout. Some of the novel’s cliches include the “brother’s best friend” plot element and the “enemies to friends to lovers” progression. So, if you enjoy witty banter, a touch of forbidden romance, and some passionate scenes, this book is for you.

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