Things We Hide From The Light [ePub/PDF] by Lucy Score

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About Things We Hide from the Light Knockemout #2

Nash Morgan had a reputation as the nice Morgan brother, always ready to flash a smile and a wink. Now that he’s been shot, the Southern charm of this former police chief has been replaced by panic attacks and nightmares while he recovers. To him, it’s as if the guy he used to be has been hollowed out and replaced with a dark shadow. Nash doesn’t plan on telling his friends or family that he’s having trouble. Lina, his new attractive and intelligent neighbour, however, can see right through him. Unless she initiates it, she prefers to avoid physical contact, yet there’s something about Nash’s touch that she enjoys. Even he is affected by it. Their chemistry is electric; it anchors him and makes her question if venturing into it is worth the danger.

Unfortunately, Lina has her own secrets, and Nash would never forgive her if he finds out the real reason she is in town. On top of that, she isn’t into dating. Ever. A steamy, temporary relationship with a law enforcement officer in your area? Absolutely. Please enrol her. A man who wants a long-term commitment from her? Absolutely not. When she achieves her goal, she leaves immediately. But Knockemout seems to have an uncanny knack for irritating people. The moment Nash realises he wants to make Lina his, he will not be deterred, not even by the prospect of revisiting the threat that nearly took his life.

About Lucy Score: The Author

The Wall Street Journal and Amazon Kindle Store both rank Lucy as the number one best-selling author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, respectively. She had a lot of free time and a vivid imagination while she was growing up in the countryside of Pennsylvania. She was the eldest of three children who lived in a house that was devoted to reading. Quite frequently, the family would have their meals in complete silence while everyone else had their heads in their respective books. When she was five years old, she instructed her brother to write his name on the door of the bathroom. This activity sparked her interest in writing.

She began writing (on paper) when she was in the second grade, at first about pilgrims who travelled on the Mayflower, and over the years she progressed to producing essays, articles, blogs, and finally books. Her song “Pretend You’re Mine” was a massive success, and ever since then, she has been writing on a full-time basis.

Aside from writing romance novels, some of the occupations the author has held in the past include working as an event coordinator, bartender, newspaper lackey, and fitness trainer.

Both Lucy and her husband, Mr. Lucy, take pleasure in lounging on beaches with umbrella drinks and spending time with their combined 1.7 million nieces and nephews.

Things We Hide From The Light Book Summary

Lucy Score is the best there is at this! If Knockemout existed, I’d be moving there as soon as possible. Please don’t take me away from this planet!

I couldn’t wait to finally read Nash and Lina’s story after devouring the first book in the series. That was just as good as the first book, and if I’m being completely honest, I liked it even better. Every single page of this book is fun to read. The entire time I was reading I was either swooning, giggling, or fanning myself.

And Lina is just my kind of FMC. How much I adore her is beyond my ability to put into words. She is fiercely autonomous and hilarious. Her hilarious breakdowns about her romance with Nash, as well as her sassy comebacks and clever rejoinders, had me in stitches.

Nash. He’s a MAN! This weak, cute, simpering, irritable, stubborn, pain in the a** man! In a word, he has my heart. I can’t imagine a more ideal match for Lina. I like the story’s depiction of his struggle with PTSD and his eventual acceptance of his past. Oh, and the dog!!! The couple’s chemistry is amazing. I agree; the ending made the whole thing. I sobbed my eyes out!

Apart of the insanely compelling romance, the external relationships are what makes these books so enjoyable. Oh, the ladies! Throughout the novel, my favourite parts involved Naomi, Sloane, and Lina and how much fun their friendship was to read about. (Halloween slumber party, drunken gal pals)
Stef and Lina are helping the elderly with their exercise routine.
Soccer match!
All of town politics

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It’s down to the wire, and all I can do is wait for the release of the novel featuring Lucien and Sloane.

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