Mindf*ck Series (PDF/ePUB) By S.T. Abby Read Online

Mindf*ck Series (PDF/ePUB) By S.T. Abby Read Online for free.

Mindf*ck Series Information

Book Name:Mindf*ck Series
Author:S.T. Abby
SeriesMindf*ck #1-5
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size6.3MB
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A lot was taken from them.
Not enough was left.
Before meeting him, I had nothing to lose.

This will be the Mindf*ck Series’s definitive box set.

About the Author S.T. Abby

The question is: Will Logan choose them? Will we witness their destruction together?

Today, I want to talk about the idea of messing with people’s thoughts.
The moment has arrived to conclude everything.
Today, I feel like painting everything red.

Monsters rarely desire happily-ever-afters.

My series-spanning reviews are collected here for your convenience (:

The Risk (#1)

Wow, well, I think I have a new addiction on my hands!!

You may be mistaking the contents within for some kind of kinky smut based on the cover art alone. The whole novel has a grand total of two sexual encounters, no joke.

The serial killer Lana. (She’s a serial killer—and a woman (!!!)) She has a large list of her abusers, and she plans to track down every last one of them. The FBI employs Logan. He is now investigating Lana’s killings and working on a plan to apprehend the killer. The situation becomes really intriguing after they begin dating.

Normally I would never support a murderer, but in this case I was cheering for our homicidal villain and she should keep doing her cuz yeah queen. Make the wall crimson.

Even though I understand that Lana fears jail time and wants to just live her life and that she has been lonely for quite some time, I did have some practical questions throughout the book, such as why she would get seriously involved with a freaken FBI agent. When Logan’s partner turned up at Lana’s home at the conclusion of the novel, wanting to know why she had stolen the identity of a dead person, I wasn’t very startled.

Jake’s revelation about his relationship with Lana was thrilling, and I approve of his ability to Get It and his willingness to exact retribution.

There wasn’t a lot of romance, which was OK for me since I was more interested in the crime/thriller elements.

I know it’s going to be terrible, but I can’t wait for Lana to surprise the Boogeyman and really f*ck him up.

I eagerly forward the next chapter! Have fun reading!

Sidetracked (#2)


This was fantastic, too, just like the first. After Lana and Jake investigate one of Logan’s nosy coworkers, they learn that the woman was molested sexually by her stepfather, whom they eventually hunt down and kill.

Obviously, after tormenting him.

I don’t consider myself a sadist, but I have no problem with the widespread amputation of the digits and d*cks of paedophiles and rapists.

Starting Scarlet Angel right now means I will be completely unproductive for the next two days.

Lana will always reign supreme 3

Scarlet Angel (#3)

Lana is at it again, calling out rapists by name and exacting revenge by amputating their privates.

Absolute support it.

She confronts the Boogeyman and easily dispatches him, but things become sticky when one of Logan’s coworkers witnesses the whole ordeal and deduces that Lana is the Scarlet Slayer. Hadley promises to keep Lana’s secret when she tells her that she murdered her stepfather, a paedophile and rapist, and that she killed him. Meanwhile, Logan is looking into a cold case from the past and is certain that the guy was falsely convicted of serial murder in order to conceal something even more terrible.

In this volume, we get a deeper look at Lana’s motivations and the motivations of the goddamn horrible bastards who destroyed her life. It seems that the village took things into their own hands when Lana’s father was falsely condemned as a serial murderer. They covered up the rapes, murders, and attempted murders because they believed Lana and her brother were the offspring of Satan or something equally insane.

All The Lies (#4)

Oh my god, I just can’t even.

Kyle is a lowlife who got what was coming to him.

A happy finish for Lana please, since that was a cliffhanger.

Paint It All Red (#5)

WHAT AN ENDING to a highly stormy and compelling narrative; this is now my favourite thriller series of all time.

To say I enjoyed this as much as I did is an understatement. For someone like me, who gets the willies whenever there’s talk of rape or murder, this was a really therapeutic read; even if you didn’t want to, you ended yourself cheering for “the bad guy.”

When they finally unmasked the true murderer, I was taken aback.

I’m relieved that everyone received their just desserts. The last moments, nevertheless, gave me the goosebumps. Logan only — once a year — abducts someone for Lana to torture and kill.

Strange, but whatever makes you happy, boo.

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