My Happy Marriage, Vol. 1 (PDF/ePUB) By Akumi Agi togi (English)

My Happy Marriage, Vol. 1 (PDF/ePUB) By Akumi Agi togi in English read online.

My Happy Marriage, Vol. 1 Information

Book Name:My Happy Marriage, Vol. 1
Author:Akumi Agi togi
SeriesMy Happy Marriage (Light Novel) #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Miyo, hailing from a distinguished lineage, is reared under the guardianship of her maltreating stepmother and afterwards wedded to Kiyo ka a soldier of such callous disposition that his previous betrothed partners absconded within a mere three days of their engagement. In the absence of a place of residence to which she can go, Miyo gradually begins to develop emotional receptivity towards her frigid and pallid prospective spouse, although their tumultuous initial encounter… This opportunity potentially presents a significant possibility for her to discover genuine affection and contentment.

About The Author Akumi Agi togi

The creator of the literary work titled “My Happy Marriage” is Akumi Agitogi, and it was initially published as a series of light novels in Japan.

Rito Kohsaka is the artist responsible for illustrating the manga adaption of the My Happy Marriage series.

Tsuki ho Tsukioka serves as the character designer for the My Happy Marriage series.

My Happy Marriage, Vol. 1 Book Summary

Miyo is experiencing a highly unfavourable existence reminiscent of the Cinderella archetype during the late Meiji/early Taisho period in an alternate Japan. The individual in question is held responsible for the dissatisfaction and involuntary nature of her parents’ union, as asserted by her father and stepmother. This couple was compelled to dissolve their relationship in order for her father to wed her mother, subsequent to the demise of her mother. Furthermore, her perceived transgressions are exacerbated by her lack of possessing the ability to see spirits. Miyo, who has experienced severe mistreatment from her family, possesses an extremely low level of self-esteem. She is informed that she will be compelled to enter into a marital union with the emotionally distant Kiyoka Kogou, under the presumption that he will reject her, leading to her eventual demise in destitution. The amount of information presented is substantial and may be overwhelming.

Fortunately, Kiyoka exhibits commendable moral character as she experiences a justifiable sense of anger in response to the mistreatment of Miyo by her own family. He rescues her, not due to her innate weakness, but rather because she has never been made aware of her own value and the need to be saved. The romantic bond between the two individuals is endearing and serves as a counterbalance to the intense anger incited by her family in the reader. It is challenging to overemphasise the extent to which her family is unsatisfactory.

The plot possesses a commendable quality, surpassing that of the majority of light novels, despite the discrepancy between the first-person title and chapter titles and the third-person narrative employed throughout the work.

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