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Book Name:The Kiss Thief
AuthorL.J. Shen
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One’s first kiss, as the saying goes, should be earned.

Under a starless Chicago night, mine was taken by a devil in a masquerade mask.

It’s commonly accepted that marriage vows hold special significance.

Before we even left the church, my sister broke mine.

A person’s loyalties are said to lie solely with one man.

Two competitors fought tooth and nail for my mine, and it bled and broke in the process.

Angelo Bandini, heir to one of the most influential families in the Chicago Outfit, had me promised to him.

Then Senator Wolfe Keaton kidnapped me and used my dad’s past mistakes as an excuse to marry me off.

Great love stories, so the saying goes, always end happily.

My own, written by Francesca Rossi, was extensively revised right up until the final chapter.

Just the one kiss.
Two males.
There are three possible outcomes.
Mixed up; intertwined.

And I knew that my forever lay between these two men.

About L.J. Shen Author

L.J. Shen is the #1 bestselling author of contemporary romance on Amazon Kindle, as well as in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

She’s the author of novels full of angst and unredeemable anti-heroes with a tax bracket larger than Elon Musk’s, and sassy heroines who bring them to their knees (for more reasons than one).

Happily ever afters and apologies are assured.

She has an unsettlingly active imagination and resides in Florida with her husband and three sons.

The Kiss Thief Book Summary

Final Thoughts: This was entertaining to me. The experience just wasn’t as satisfying as I had wanted. I find myself in the minority once again. The author’s ability to craft a nasty H is a skill I appreciate. And I think I just needed a little bit more of the good to counteract this H. because I did enjoy him overall. The fact that their anniversaries were barely touched upon bothered me.

That would have gone a long way towards making up for his impulsive jerkishness, in my opinion. Yes, he begged, but because some of it seemed superficial, it wasn’t enough for me. Some readers are bound to be turned off by the following material; if you’re considering reading despite having potential “triggers” that would prevent you from enjoying the book, please read the spoiler tags below. But I believe this will be well received, especially by fans of the author’s previous works.

This is the story of Francesca and Wolfe, in a nutshell. Francesca’s father is a powerful mob figure, and she is his only child. On the night she imagines she will finally get to kiss the man she has loved for years, Senator Wolfe Keaton enters her life. She has no idea the jerk at her table will steal her kiss and announce they are getting married the following day. Wolfe is hatching a plan to exact vengeance on Francesca’s father. Despite their difficulties, they eventually discover each other’s worth and fall in love, leading to a happy ending.

Point of View

The point of view switched back and forth between Francesca and Wolfe.

General Story Pacing: Not Bad! It flowed smoothly and I didn’t find myself skimming.

No, instant love doesn’t exist; real emotions like that take time to cultivate. That’s not love; it’s hate.

H gets a 3.5-star rating. Wolfe. Although I liked him generally, I had to dock points because of the few instances of impulsive, jerklike behaviour he exhibited.

3.5 stars out of 5. Francesca. I found her appealing, but I disagreed with her final decision and what she did to the H.

No need for tissues here; mild sadness

They both pull away sometimes (H more so), but they also both work to bring the other person back (also was the H more so).

Tolerable heat. They create interesting conflict, on-screen chemistry, and scenes without overwhelming the plot. It wasn’t as warm as I had anticipated.

The H is caught publicly kissing an ex-lover despite being married to the H and despite the fact that the two people’s relationships have progressed. H slept with OW before they were married because he believed he had already cheated on her with her boyfriend (and she also led him to believe that). After they got married and she kissed OM in public, the H made the h think he was with OW, but he only pretended to be with her.

They are separating, and they haven’t even hinted at seeing anyone else during this time.

This had satisfactory resolution, with a happily ever after (HEA) ending in that the couple is still together and raising a family.

Depending on your preferences, this one is probably Not Safe for the safety gang.

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