The Slob (PDF/ePub) By Aron Beauregard Read Online

The Slob (ePUB/PDF) By Aron Beauregard Read Online for free.

The Slob Information

Book NameThe Slob
AuthorAron Beauregard
SeriesThe Slob #1
File TypePDF/ePub (Downloadable)
PDF Size1.55 MB
ePub Size 2.32 MB
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NOT ALL STAINS CAN BE REMOVED… Vera is a stickler for cleanliness because she grew up in a filthy environment. Her need for perfection in cleaning has given rise to the idea that her abilities have untapped potential. She and her crippled husband Daniel are expecting their first child and are looking for ways to supplement their income. In the late 1980s, the door-to-door sales industry was growing.

Until she reaches the front steps of a house she would rather not have, everything is going smoothly. The evil’s footsteps that resurrect the horrific flashbacks she fought so hard to forget.

Nothing can ready you for the filth, chaos, and unreasonable horror that is… The Slob.

About The Author Aron Beauregard

The town of Central Falls, Rhode Island, is both Aron’s birthplace and his hometown. When he was in the sixth grade, his parents discovered a short tale named “Zombie Child” hidden in the back pocket of his soiled acid-washed trousers. Since then, he has been writing horror. The plot centred on a young guy who, after failing to capture the heart of the girl he desired in real life, resorted to murdering her and having sexual relations with her corpse.

What comes next is probably something you might have guessed. The tale did not sit well with his parents, who, rather than applauding his creativity, undoubtedly assumed he was trying to become a serial murderer. The tale did not go down well with his parents. No matter what he did, unfortunate events continued to befall him. Before returning to what he does best, which is writing violent, bizarre, and disturbing stuff that often examines the dark side of mankind, he experimented with music, filmmaking, and serious drug use, all of which were unsuccessful endeavours on his part. It has been decades since he has been productive, but recently he has begun publishing, much to the joy of certain deranged perverts.

On their podcast, Evil Examined, he and his wife, together with other pals, look into some of the most unusual and horrific events that have ever occurred in human history. Through the pathetic platform, he emits a magnetism reminiscent of Charles Manson, peddling his works of scum and mayhem to any goon who will listen.

The Slob Book Summary

THE SLOB, written by Aron Beauregard, is a masterpiece of intense horror. Not since The Girl Next Door have I read a book that made me feel so bad about myself. Even as your stomach is being ripped apart by nausea, this piece of garbage manages to hit you square in the feelings. This is the pinnacle of grim, heartfelt storytelling within a bloodbath of a novel.

The story progresses quickly enough, although some could argue that the setup is too slow. Even the introductory back stories were intriguing and served to precisely feed the story’s finale, thus it never felt slow to me. Many works of severe horror are gratuitously violent. No, not THAT DUMB. Because of course THE SLOB is bloody. The torture is the primary source of the reader’s mental torment and distress throughout the book.

There are echoes of Ed Lee’s The Bighead in THE SLOB. Even better (or worse), THE SLOB is more human than The Bighead, and he is a monster through and through. The fact that he has lost his humanity just makes matters worse.

The only thing I would criticise about this narrative is that some of the violence and anguish the characters go through are a little too extreme. A normal person would have been killed or severely injured by the severity of the beatings that were administered. Some of the beatings in THE SLOB are exaggerated for the sake of shock value, and the protagonists bounce back from them in an almost video game-like manner. Even though I may have rolled my eyes once or twice while reading, the story’s impact and emotional resonance more than made up for it.

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