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About Final Offer Lauren Asher

I'm the Kane brother about whom rumour has it that everyone talks behind closed doors.
Offspring of a trust fund. Obsolete former athlete Alcoholic with a high level of function
Only she has a true understanding of who I am.
Lana Castillo was my best friend growing up, and she was also the only woman I've ever loved.
It's been six years since I crushed her heart and I vowed then that I would never go back to Lake Wisteria.
I was a man of my word up until the will of my grandfather changed everything.
I was given the duty of spending a summer at the family lake house before it was put up for sale in order to qualify for my inheritance.
In principle, the request seemed straightforward; nevertheless, on the very first day of my plan, everything fell apart.
It has come to light that Lana does not merely occupy the house; rather, she asserts that she is the owner of the property.

It was a terrible mistake on my part to fall in love with Callahan Kane.
He told me this before breaking my heart and ending our friendship six years ago during the summer.
I made the rookie mistake of believing him when he said he would never come back.
But then Cal stepped back once more with the intention of selling the lake house that belonged to his grandfather.
The biggest problem with his strategy?
On the deed, you'll find my name.

Reader's Review

five stars doesn't give it credit. In point of fact, it does not.

the supplementary materials, the terms and conditions, and the final offer.. masterworks every single one of them, damn it. Even though I've rated the whole series with an infinite number of stars, it still doesn't feel like it's good enough.

callahan kane. you've excelled yourself. my broken golden boy <3 I could identify with many aspects of your personality on such a deep and personal level. I wished I could reach through the pages of this book and offer you the warmest embrace.

alana castillo. I wasn't sure what to anticipate, but even so, you managed to surpass any expectations I might have had. That makes absolutely no sense at all, but here we are anyhow.

This book changed my life in every way. I cried. I laughed. I had a fantastic experience. There are no adequate words to explain it.

Goodbye, billionaires from dreamland. You'll probably find me rereading u. so soon. because it seems impossible for me to let go.

Larissa Cambusano

although things are a complete mess, this was the ideal conclusion to the dreamland millionaire series. Cal and Alana hold a special place in my heart. I absolutely adored how deeply ingrained the concept of family was throughout the entirety of the narrative. I had a wonderful experience seeing everyone at the same time, and simply existing in the world for the very last time; it was fantastic in every way.

kimberly ☆

Book Summary


Oh my, we've reached the end of such an amazing era. I have enjoyed each book in this series, but I thought the one about Cal and Alana was very exceptional. Love stories like this one are why second chances at love will continue to be one of my favourite literary devices in the foreseeable future. They begin their lives together by being friends, falling in love, and losing their way while they are young; nonetheless, there is something so breathtaking about the way in which they find their way back to each other.

Alana is an example to follow because despite her fierceness, protectiveness, and independence, she has the biggest heart. Since the first book in the series, I've always had a soft place for Cal, but after finishing this book, my love for him just became stronger. Even though he appears to be content and has a low stress level, he is going through a lot of personal turmoil on the inside. His feelings were so genuine and unfiltered, and as a result, my heart hurt so much for him. You really can't help but cheer for him, can you?


I adored their chemistry, as well as the plot in its entirety. You can sense the love, tension, and history that exists between Cal and Alana in every second that they spend together, and he wants more than everything to be the guy that Alana deserves. I believe that Alana truly saw Cal and understood the struggles he was going through. Despite this, she was able to be tough on him when he required it, but not in the same way that his brothers sometimes were. In addition to that, they were really hot; I had to hold on to my pearls! This book could not have been written any better; it's flawless.

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