The Roommate Pact (PDF/ePUB) By Allison Ashley Read Online

The Roommate Pact (PDF/ePUB) By Allison Ashley Read Online for free.

The Roommate Pact Information

Book Name:The Roommate Pact
Author:Allison Ashley
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The deal is simple: if emergency room nurse Claire Harper and firefighter Graham Scott are still unmarried at age forty, they will go out as friends with benefits. Perhaps it’s the wine, but at the moment Claire thinks they’ve struck a good deal, what with her lack of romantic success and his lack of urgency to settle down. To put it mildly. And she certainly wouldn’t develop any lasting feelings for Graham and his penchant for risk-taking. Not after her dad’s ordeal…

Graham has a catastrophic rock-climbing mishap just as things are starting to heat up well ahead of the proposed deadline, and he needs Claire’s help to recover. She’ll sleep in Graham’s bed and put up with Graham’s obnoxious little dog if it means bringing him back from the brink of death. The simple intention of “for now” not becoming “forever” is more difficult to maintain now that this arrangement has taken an unexpected turn.

About The Author Allison Ashley

Allison Ashley is a mother of two who enjoys music, coffee, and romantic comedies. As an oncology chemist, her day is spent assisting patients as they face one of life’s most daunting challenges. Reading books about joy, affection, and humour has always been her way out, therefore it was only natural that one day she would try writing one herself. She pledges to continue penning tales with heartfelt love, meaningful relationships, and perhaps a few laughs, but above all else, the promise of a happily ever after.

The Roommate Pact Summary

Contemporary romance fans will find “The Roommate Pact” by Allison Ashley to be an inspiring and touching book. This novel has a great plot and interesting characters, and it contains an excellent mixture of comedy, friendship, and love.

Claire Harper, an emergency room nurse, and Graham Scott, an adrenaline junkie fireman, are the protagonists. They decide over a bottle of wine to become friends with benefits if they are both still single at forty. After experiencing her share of dating failures, Claire sees this as a safe option. After the catastrophe that struck her own family, she is convinced that she would never be able to fall for Graham and his exciting way of life.

But just as the pact is about to take effect, Graham has a terrible rock climbing accident, drawing them even closer together. When Claire steps in to help him get better, it opens the door to a surprising level of intimacy—and all the difficulties that come with it. As they progress in their connection, the boundaries between friendship and more complicated feelings begin to blur, testing the limits of their understanding.

Claire and Graham’s chemistry is undeniable, and their exchanges are full of real warmth and humour. Ashley does a great job of fleshing out her characters such that we can empathise with their struggles and share their hopes and dreams.

Friendship and love may enter our lives in the most unexpected ways, and “The Roommate Pact” is a moving witness to that. It serves as a timely reminder that serendipity can be the catalyst for some of life’s most meaningful connections. Anyone looking for a warm and fuzzy romance with interesting characters and a dash of humour will love this novel.

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