The Cruel Prince (PDF/ePUB) By Holly Black Read Online

The Cruel Prince (PDF/ePUB) By Holly Black Read Online for free.

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Book Name:The Cruel Prince
Author:Holly Black
SeriesThe Folk of the Air #1
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My natural inclination is to emulate them. They are as stunning as swords honed in a holy forge. They’ll be immortal.

And Cardan surpasses all the others in her stunning beauty. He is the person I despise the most. Sometimes when I have to look at him, I can’t even take a deep breath because I despise him so much.

At the age of seven, Jude witnessed the gruesome murder of both of her parents, as well as the kidnapping of herself, along with her two sisters, and their transport to the treacherous High Court of Faerie. Even though Jude is now ten years older, he has not lost his desire to be a part of that group. However, the vast majority of fey hold humans in low regard. In particular, Prince Cardan, who is both the youngest and the most hedonistic of the High King’s sons.

She must defy him if she wants a chance to join the Court, regardless of the repercussions.

As Jude becomes further embroiled in the web of lies and deceit that the palace has spun, she has a better understanding of her own cunning and ruthlessness. In order to prevent her sisters and the realm of Faerie from being destroyed by the violence that will inevitably follow a treacherous act in the Courts of Faerie, Jude will have no choice but to put her life in danger by entering into an uneasy alliance.

About The Author Holly Black

Holly Black is the author of nearly thirty fantasy novels for children and teenagers, all of which have been bestsellers on the New York Times. She has won a Mythopoeic Award, a Nebula Award, and a Newbery Honour in addition to being a finalist for an Eisner Award and the Lodestar Award. She was also a finalist for the Lodestar Award. Her works have been adapted for the big screen and have been translated into 32 languages around the world. In the present time, she can be found residing in New England with her husband and kid in a home that features a hidden library.

The Cruel Prince Book Summary

There are 118 instances of the word “mortal” or a variant thereof in The Cruel Prince (Thanks, Kindle!) Despite the title, several of the “immortal” characters in this book met untimely deaths. It may seem petty, but every word counts.

There is a distinct hierarchy in The Cruel Prince, with supernatural beings placed above humans. However, terms like “immortal” and “mortal” were inaccurate. Harry Potter himself calls a non-magical person a “Muggle.”

The Cruel Prince has some good points, even if “immortal” is used incorrectly. It has formidable female protagonists. Jude is independent and self-motivated; she doesn’t sit around waiting for a man to save her.

There is enough of material for other books in the backstories of many of the characters. To learn more about King Eldred is fascinating to me.

The first third of The Cruel Prince is where the story really gets going, and I found that section to be the most engaging.

The question “Where is this book heading?” began to bother me in a negative way somewhere between the ten percent and seventy percent marks. Did Jude fancy himself a knight? Did she want to find a potential husband? I see that Holly Black was laying groundwork for the book’s climax, but she dragged her feet a bit too much. This section of the novel could have benefited from tighter plotting and more focused storytelling.

The magic, techniques, and alliances in The Cruel Prince made me think of “Game of Thrones.” Game of Thrones deviates significantly from the books in that it is narrated from the views of different people in each chapter. Perspective changes would have made The Cruel Prince more interesting. If I had my druthers, I would have chosen Madoc, Jude, and Cardan at the very least.

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