Silent Vows (PDF/ePUB) By Jill Ram Sower Read Online

Silent Vows (PDF/ePUB) By Jill Ram sower Read Online for free.

Silent Vows Information

Book Name:Silent Vows
Author:Jill Ram sower
SeriesThe Byrne Brothers #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
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Unexpectedly, I was able to leave the mafia, but now I’m in a situation that’s more worse than I had feared.

The Irish have pledged me to their queen.
A union forced upon two parties for the sake of friendship.

My wedding to Conner Reid, the man I love, is only two weeks away.
There is no way out for me.
If I say no, my dad will murder me.

The vicious Irishman endangers my equilibrium and overwhelms my senses.
He embodies everything I despise about this world while also arousing my basest desires.

I have no way of getting away from him.

I’m not even sure if I want to, and that’s the worst part.
Why? Because I need saving, and Conner could be the only one who can do it.

Silent Vows is an adult-themed dark romance that could be too intense for some readers. This enemies-to-lovers arranged marriage romance may not be for everyone, but it will satisfy your need for possessive guys and a hot story with a happy ending.

About The Author Jill Ram sower

Jill was reared in Texas. She organises the busy schedules of her three rambunctious children and occasionally steals away for a romantic evening with her handsome husband. When she’s not writing or taking care of her children, she loves to read and travel.

You can always count on strong female protagonists, plenty of sexual tension, and wonderfully dominant male leads in one of Jill’s novels. Everything works out in the end in her writings, even if it doesn’t always in real life. However, the satisfaction of a happy conclusion would be diminished without the presence of an impossible obstacle. Jill enjoys include challenging situations in her books, which allows her to develop vivid, multidimensional characters and surprising narrative turns that readers won’t see coming.

Silent Vows Book Summary

Jill Ram swoer’s new series about the Byrne Brothers begins with Silent Vows. Even though this is a new series, fans of her Five Families novels may recognise some of the characters. As the name Byrne suggests, the books in this series centre on the Irish families who played minor supporting roles in the previously mentioned five families’ novels.

Is Noemi’s silence following the vehicle accident that killed her mother the result of trauma, harm, or simply a refusal to discuss the incident as it occurred? No matter her backstory, this unstable woman doesn’t strike me as the type who would make a good match for an Irishman. Her dad has no qualms about promoting her, and after Conner meets her, he realises there’s more to her than meets the eye.

I liked how quickly Conner and Noemi fell in love despite the fact that it was unrealistic. Both Conner and Noemi discover shocking information about their families, so there’s a lot going on. I’m excited to continue reading about this Irish family because this book was a fantastic introduction to the series.
This book was sent to me at no cost by NetGalley. This review contains my honest and open appraisal of the product in question.

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