The Pucking Wrong Guy (PDF/ePUB) By C.R. Jane Read Online

The Pucking Wrong Guy (PDF/ePUB) By C.R. Jane Read Online for free.

The Pucking Wrong Guy Information

Book Name:The Pucking Wrong Guy
Author:C.R. Jane
SeriesPucking Wrong #2
File Type:PDF/ePub
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I moved to Los Angeles to begin anew…Then my past reared its ugly head. It’s over for me. At least, that’s what I’ve told myself all these years when the slum kid who used to hang out with me abandoned me to follow his passion. Now I’m chasing my own goals and dreams. And they don’t feature a 6’4″ tatted hockey superstar with a superiority complex. I am the one, he says to me. That after all these years he came back for me… That he has no intention of ever letting me go. Will Ari Lancaster once again leave me heartbroken? Or maybe I should have trusted my Mr. Wrong all along…

C.R. Jane, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, has written a stand-alone hockey romance novel titled The Pucking Wrong Guy.


Young Layla, who just lost both of her parents, is accompanied by her case worker as they go to a group home. The structure is ancient and foreboding, with high brick walls that obscure the front door. Layla is on her way home, feeling like she has a boulder lodged in her ribcage. Despite Ms. Thompson, her caseworker’s best efforts to console her, she cannot escape the lingering grief.

Mrs. Anderson greets them sternly as they enter her house. She is a kind and caring soul who reveals a heartbreaking family history. Layla attempts to hold back her emotions throughout the chat, but Mrs. Anderson drags her out of the office and down another corridor.

Mrs. Anderson’s footsteps echo down the corridor, comforting her as she takes a step into the unknown. Photographs of the children who formerly lived there cover the walls, their timeless grins captured forever. Layla worries about their well-being and wonders whether they ever found it.

Mrs. Anderson gives the little Layla a room as she checks her into the orphanage. The room has two beds, a desk, and a shelf and is somewhat modest. Mrs. Anderson is kind and friendly, but Layla still feels sad and alone. She is in the room alone herself, holding tightly to her teddy bear.

Layla feels as like the room is closing in on her and she can’t seem to get her bearings. She tries to get away, but she’s trapped in a whirlwind of anguish and isolation. Feeling imprisoned and powerless, she escapes into the field behind the orphanage. A young man called Ari suddenly comes, worrying about Layla. She feels safe and calm in his company because of his calming demeanour.

Layla, whose fright has subsided, stares at Ari, who seems to be much older than she is. His emerald eyes twinkle with naughtiness, and his curly lips wag with assurance. Layla acknowledges Ari’s assistance, and he extends a hand to lift her up. Layla takes his hand, puzzled as to why she might consider doing so. When she does understand, though, her future is already decided for her.

About The Author C.R. Jane

Here I am, a wife, a mum, and a writer! My lifelong desire has been to get my first novel series published. I have a constant stream of ideas despite my lack of sleep and caffeine intake. I’ve been thinking about Eva and her guys for a while now, and I can’t wait to share their story with you.

The Pucking Wrong Guy Book Summary

The journey I was taken on by “The Pucking Wrong Guy” left me completely captivated and immersed in the story. The multifaceted characters, especially Ari and Blake, and the compelling plot kept me turning pages till the very end.

The presence of Ari’s character was like a sigh of relief. Being inside his thoughts was fantastic; his undying love and protective instincts towards Blake were sweet and gave a dimension of drama to the story, as was clearly intended for this stalker-esque love story. His fixation wasn’t creepy because it showed how much he wanted to protect and soothe her from the cruel reality they both knew all too well.

However, Blake was a gloriously flawed protagonist. Her challenges and openness tugged at my heart, making it impossible for me to feel anything except compassion for her. The author skillfully wove her narrative, giving readers a front-row seat to her development and fortitude in the face of overwhelming adversity. They have incredible chemistry together. I blushed at every single one of those encounters!

The novel manages to contain disturbing ideas without becoming depressing. “The Pucking Wrong Guy” is perfect for those who want their fiction with a little bit of grit and depth. The story delves into the dark without abandoning the bright, making it a riveting and all-encompassing read.

Fans of the first novel will be pleased to know that Lincoln plays a significant role in this one as well. I was left eagerly expecting the next chapter, particularly because of the intriguing promise of Walker’s story. I knew it would end the way it did, but I was nonetheless stunned by the final scene.

When it comes to character development, “The Pucking Wrong Guy” shines brightly. This novel is fantastic because it has just the right amount of gloom, pathos, and romance. Anyone who likes their romance novels to take them on an emotional roller coaster should read this one.

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