The Piece That Fits (PDF/ePUB) By N.J. Gray Read Online For Free

The Piece That Fits (PDF/ePUB) By N.J. Gray Read Online For Free.

The Piece That Fits ePub/PDF Information

Book Name:The Piece That Fits
Author:N.J. Gray
SeriesOffstage #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.44 MB
ePub Size937 KB
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Avery Fox has always trusted her mind over her heart ever since that traumatic event many years ago. She seemed to have it all: A promising future as a doctor, high test scores, and a committed partner. Her perfect existence, however, begins to unravel before her eyes, and she begins to second-guess her every move. Avery has no choice but to move in with her brother and his bandmates from A Quiet Peril, a band they formed in high school and are now travelling the country with to great success.

Before Liam Lockwood returns, listening to her head is far more difficult than it sounds. As her feelings for her brother’s closest friend shift from resentment and loathing to developing affection and a raging need, she has no choice but to follow her heart. But there’s a reason she always goes with her head instead of her heart, and when her emotions finally take over, the truth about what caused that disaster all those years ago emerges, and it threatens to demolish her world.

And only one person has the pieces to rebuild her.


I was of the firm belief that nothing could compare to the anguish of knowing someone you cared about was suffering the latter stages of their life. Some deaths were calm, drawn-out processes that were prepared for. The passing of my father was brutal, excruciatingly quick, and unexpected. I witnessed him pass away from this world when I was sitting in the front passenger seat of his automobile as it sank in a river. I knew that I should have also passed away. Losing the person I loved more than anything else in the world was the most excruciating thing I’d ever been through in my life. However, the most terrifying aspect of the whole ordeal was not falling from the bridge, being hit by the water, or seeing the life drain from his eyes. It was discovering the truth about him at the very end of his life and realising that I could have done anything to rescue him.

About The Author N.J. Gray

N.J. Grey grew up in Minnesota, but she and her husband and their two rescue dogs, Jango and Korra, are currently backpacking through the Rocky Mountains. She considers herself a fan of all things sweet and enjoys indulging in tense romance books. Colorado Springs, where she lives, is where she writes. To contact her, go to

The Piece That Fits Book Summary

The introduction was fantastic, but I’m not sure how I feel about what happens next.

Their connection went through a change that seemed artificial. At the beginning of the novel, he strongly disapproved of her, but towards the end, he was offering to drive her home. He tells her he doesn’t hate her later that night. As simple as that. The tenderness of that scenario caught me off guard because there had been no buildup to it. Despite his explanations, I wouldn’t let him drive her anywhere! Coming from an enemy territory, I would have liked to see more of a relationship grow between them first. However, I adored the snippets I did see.

Some beautiful quotations were included as well.

I’m giving it four stars instead of five since I couldn’t get over the fact that Avery didn’t shower before school. I’m aware that some people don’t see the big deal, but the way the situation was written, this couldn’t be ignored.

This young lady skipped breakfast and headed straight to class. This woman stripped down to her knickers. I’ll never forget the day she showed up to class wearing her pyjamas (and, yes, no pants). Liam was better able to zero down on her “slippery centre” as a result.

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