Pucking Around (PDF/ePUB) By Emily Rath Read Online

Pucking Around (PDF/ePUB) By Emily Rath read online for free.

Pucking Around Information

Book Name:Pucking Around
Author:Emily Rath
SeriesJacksonville Rays #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size3.39 MB
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The individual in question identifies as Rachel Price and made the decision to end a romantic relationship with an individual who was deemed to possess ideal qualities two months prior. We experienced a delightful and humorous encounter, characterised by intense attraction that could be deemed illicit—our interaction was imbued with a sense of enchantment. The user’s text will be rewritten to have an academic tone without adding any additional information. There are no attachments or conditions associated with the subject matter. I did not anticipate encountering him once more.

I have made an incorrect assertion. It has been discovered that Mr. Perfect assumes the role of the playboy grinder for the Jacksonville Rays, a prominent hockey team in the National Hockey League (NHL).I have assumed the role of the individual’s newly appointed physical therapist. Furthermore, the individual in question fails to acknowledge my presence.

The duration of this fellowship is anticipated to span a period of 10 months, which is expected to be the most protracted period of time in my own experience. Mr. Perfect Mistake exhibits a strong determination to regain favour in my regard, displaying a willingness to undertake any necessary actions. In the meanwhile, the individual’s closest companion assumes the role of the ill-tempered recently appointed equipment manager who consistently scrutinises my actions. One of the most concerning issues I am currently facing is the presence of an obstinate custodian who appears to believe that I am unaware of his concealed injury.

This presents an opportunity for me to demonstrate my abilities, and I am unwilling to jeopardise it under any circumstances. However, following an unforeseen evening and the disclosure of a clandestine truth, these individuals are prepared to challenge the boundaries of my endurance. I am unable to develop romantic feelings for a someone who engages in manipulative behaviour, particularly when this pertains to three separate individuals. However, if love is perceived as a competitive activity, these individuals are actively striving for victory.

“PUCKING AROUND” is an engaging hockey romance novel that explores the theme of personal choice. This literary work is distinct in its position as the inaugural installment of a projected sequence. To access a comprehensive compilation of tropes, tags, and content warnings, it is recommended to visit the author’s official website.

About The Author Emily Rath

Emily Rath is an author that specialises in writing romance and fantasy literature. During the day, she fulfils the role of a university professor, residing in the state of Florida alongside her spouse, offspring, and feline companion. They systematically search the nearby coastal areas in order to locate and collect shark teeth.

Pucking Around Book Summary

I had initial uncertainties regarding the nature of a polyamorous hockey romance, as it was a first experience for me. However, I was pleasantly delighted by the content and found it to be both engaging and stimulating. The extensive length of the page (700 pages) should not elicit surprise, as I believe that this narrative necessitated each and every one of them. There is a prevalent issue wherein numerous individuals endeavour to condense plausible romantic heroes (RHs) inside the confines of a 350-page narrative, resulting in an incongruous outcome. This endeavour proves challenging, unless the narrative is set within a pre-established fictional universe where the existence of RHs is widely accepted. If one intends to engage in contemporary art, similar to Rath’s style, it is necessary to allocate more space within the work to explore the intricacies, scheduling, communication, and other relevant aspects.

I appreciated the inclusion of profanity in the dialogue of each character. I appreciated the portrayal of the protagonist as embracing a sex-positive attitude and defying the stereotype of a naive and inexperienced individual. I appreciate the fact that they encountered some difficulties that arose and made sincere efforts to manage the problems inherent in a Why Choose scenario. The inclusion of hockey facts in the text demonstrates Rath’s knowledge and comprehension of the sport, indicating that they has a genuine interest in and familiarity with hockey.

Certain individuals expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of individual focus on a particular character, although I appreciated the narrative’s deliberate avoidance of excessive emphasis on swordplay. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that each character in the narrative have distinct and individual connections with the protagonist, as well as with one another, which extended beyond just sexual interactions. The depicted partnership functioned in a manner consistent with common practises observed in polyamorous relationships, hence highlighting the significance of increased portrayal of such dynamics in literary works.

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The experience was enjoyable in various aspects. I am really anticipating the future trajectory of this series, as it explores the dynamic of an age difference relationship where the female protagonist possesses greater maturity, wisdom, and cynicism. This particular narrative trope has recently captured my interest and affection.

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