The Psycho (PDF/ePUB) By Nikki J. Summers Read Online

The Psycho (PDF/ePUB) By Nikki J. Summers Read Online for free.

The Psycho Information

Book Name:The Psycho
Author:Nikki J. Summers
SeriesThe Soldiers of Anarchy #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size2.02 MB
ePub Size1.12 MB
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In the realm of human existence, there exist three undeniable certainties.
The concept of death.
The topic of discussion pertains to taxes.
In the event that I desire anything, I will diligently pursue it, regardless of the obstacles that may arise.

Upon first encountering Olivia Cooper, it became evident to me…
The individual in question was under my possession or control.
Despite her disagreement, I remained undeterred in my pursuit.
The subject of my thoughts was solely focused on her. She served as the object of my intense preoccupation.

I observed the event.
I engaged in the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding by deliberate and focused efforts.
I engaged in playful interactions and employed various strategies to entertain and amuse her.
I discovered an ideal counterpart in her, as she effectively addressed each of my issues by presenting corresponding ones of her own. She retaliated and I found it really enjoyable. Are all valuable things worth the effort of battling for?

However, a significant issue arose as she perceived the situation as mere entertainment, whilst I remained steadfast in my determination to persist. I observed a certain quality within her that incited a desire for further engagement.
What factors contributed to her attraction towards me?
The concept of cruelty.
The concept of savagery.
An individual engaged in street-level conflict driven by a strong desire for retribution.
I possessed viral characteristics whereas she exhibited immunity.
However, was she indeed?
In my place of origin, I am commonly referred to as “The Psycho.”
I am poised to demonstrate to the global community the precise reasons behind my assertion.

“The Psycho” is a solo romance novel written by Nikki J Summers, which falls under the genre of Dark New Adult literature. This narrative contains depictions of both explicit violence and sexuality, hence it is intended for a mature audience aged 18 years and above. Kindly make note of the trigger warnings.

About The Author Nikki J. Summers

Nikki J Summers is a renowned author known for her contributions to the genre of romance literature. The author is renowned for her portrayal of resilient female protagonists and introspective male protagonists with sombre dispositions.

Nikki’s upbringing took place in the United Kingdom, and she currently resides in Staffordshire alongside her spouse and two offspring. When she is not engaged in the activities of writing or teaching, she often finds herself engrossed in her Kindle device.

The Psycho The Soldiers of Anarchy #1 Book Summary

Due to my personal inclination towards characters with dark and obsessive tendencies, I felt compelled to get the latest dark romance novel authored by Ms. Summers. The male protagonist, as indicated by the title, exhibits pronounced psychopathic tendencies. Adam assumes the role of a problem solver within a vigilante organisation that has undertaken the responsibility of eliminating undesirable elements from society.

He encounters Liv, who exhibits a level of attitude that surpasses any he has previously experienced, particularly from a female, resulting in a strong emotional reaction. Adam is resolute in his pursuit of Liv, despite her dissenting stance. What course of action should an individual pursue in this situation? Engage in persistent monitoring of her activities, naturally. Adam undeniably fulfilled expectations with his delectable and enticing culinary creation. Liv’s refusal did not deter him, as he was determined to persist and exert effort in order to get his desired outcome. The novel exhibits a high level of popularity due to the undeniable chemistry between the two main characters, resulting in a captivating narrative that engrosses readers. Although I had a strong affinity with Adam, establishing a connection with Liv proved to be more challenging for me.

Her assertive demeanour seemed excessive to me. It is unlikely that this will be a problem for the majority; but, I possess discerning tastes when evaluating romantic heroines, making it challenging to identify the ideal balance between vulnerability and strength. I believe that Liv served as an excellent complement to Adam’s eccentricity. In general, I found great pleasure in reading this particular work of fiction, which explores the theme of dark adversaries becoming romantic partners in a context of stalking. Consequently, I would be inclined to explore further literary offerings authored by Nikki J. Summers.

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