The Dark King (PDF/ePUB) By Gina L. Maxwell Read Online

The Dark King (PDF/ePUB) By Gina L. Maxwell Read Online for free.

The Dark King Information

Book Name:The Dark King
Author:Gina L. Maxwell
SeriesDeviant Kings #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.63 MB
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Bryn Meara sought respite from her deteriorating professional trajectory through an all-expenses-paid opportunity to visit the exclusive and opulent Nightfall hotel and casino in Las Vegas. However, discovering that she is now married to Caiden Verran, the enigmatic billionaire who possesses the hotel and a significant portion of the city, after a night characterised by indulgence in martinis and desire, does not prove to be as advantageous as one might initially assume. The individual’s recent spouse possesses characteristics of both allure and mystery, as they are revealed to be a member of the aristocracy, specifically the fae monarch governing the Night Court. Moreover, it becomes apparent that a concealed realm exists beneath the surface of Las Vegas, so expanding the scope of this newfound knowledge.

The fae, regardless of their luminosity or obscurity, deviate significantly from conventional fairy tales, and they have currently manipulated Bryn into becoming a mere instrument in their sinister pursuits for dominance. Caden possesses an unparalleled level of danger, characterised by a captivating blend of immoral tendencies and an unquenchable appetite. It is advisable for her to engage in running. However, with each instance of intimate encounters, Bryn becomes increasingly immersed in a peculiar and ominous realm, to the point where she begins to question her desire to depart, regardless of whether she possesses the ability to do so.

About The Author Gina L. Maxwell

Gina L. Maxwell is an acclaimed author who has achieved significant success, being recognised as a New York Times, USA Today, and #1 International bestselling author. She currently resides in the upper Midwest region, although it is noteworthy to mention her strong aversion towards snow and cold weather. Being an ardent enthusiast of romance novels throughout her entire life, she embarked on the journey of writing as an additional means of indulging in her affection for narratives culminating in blissful conclusions.

The author’s inaugural novel, Seducing Cinderella, achieved significant commercial success shortly after its publication in 2012, promptly securing a place on the bestseller lists. Remarkably, even after the passage of ten years, this literary work remains highly regarded and cherished by a devoted readership.

When Gina is not engaged in literary pursuits, she derives pleasure from socialising with her adult offspring, embracing a diverse range of life experiences, and envisioning her future relocation to a tropical destination.

The Dark King Book Summary

An illicit romantic relationship that will triumph over formidable challenges. This narrative revolves around a sombre fairy tale characterised by a profound allure, the inclusion of BDSM elements, and the presence of an imperious fae monarch who seeks to exert dominance.

A blood curse is imposed upon fae kings upon forming a relationship with their mates. In order to mitigate this occurrence, individuals refrain from establishing emotional connections. Regrettably, Caiden encountered impediments that rendered the achievement of this goal unattainable due to the presence of manipulative actions.

Bryn, a female individual facing unfortunate circumstances in her life, experiences a stroke of good fortune as she emerges as the recipient of a complimentary journey to Las Vegas. In a state of destitution, she resolves to engage in recreational activities as a temporary respite prior to embarking on the process of reconstructing her life. Bryn is currently confronted with a situation that presents her with a dilemma, the resolution of which may be subject to her personal preferences.

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I had great pleasure in engaging with this rendition of a romantic narrative involving fairy beings. The subject in question possessed distinctive qualities, including a dominant individual who initially displayed a rather excessive level of self-importance. The presence of a forbidden element inside the narrative contributed to its sustained intrigue. I do not possess a strong affinity for BDSM; nonetheless, its portrayal in the narrative was rather mild, so minimising any personal objection I may have had against its inclusion.

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