Milarepa Kailash Parvat Story and Death Cause

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Who was Milarepa

ParentsFather – Mila sherap Gyaltsen, Mother – Nyagtsa kargyen
Achievements Enlightenment, climbed Mount kailash

In his youth, Jetsun Milarepa, a Tibetan siddha, was known as a murderer. He later became a highly accomplished Buddhist disciple after converting to the religion. One of Tibet’s most revered yogis and poets, his teachings can be found in a variety of Tibetan Buddhist traditions. In the history of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism, he was an important figure. Mount Kailash has also made him a household name.

Biography – the life of Milarepa

Milarepa biography

A wealthy family in western Tibet raised Milarepa, according to The Life of Milarepa. After his father’s death, his aunt and uncle emptied the family’s bank account. Milarepa left home to study sorcery in order to avenge his mother’s death, killing many others in the process.

When it comes to Tibetan culture, Milarepa’s storey is well-known and has been passed down from generation to generation. Tsangnyön Heruka (1452–1507) wrote the best-known biography of Milarepa, The Life of Milarepa, in the fifteenth century and based on earlier biographies. This single source is the primary source of current-day legends about Milarepa, with oral lineage and relics such as his bearskin coat predominating. Milarepa is revered by all Tibetan schools “as an ideal of religious dedication and mastery,” and his life narrative established the lineage of the Kagyu sect and its main leaders.

Milarepa – Cause of Death

Geshe Tsakpuhwa, a wealthy Lama, was envious of Master Milarepa because of the size of his following. To get the job done, he poisoned milk and delivered it to the Master. When the Master departed this life, he realised that his senior disciples had already achieved enlightenment and that his time had come. That’s why, in the end, he drank the poison and died at the age of 83 in 1135.

Milarepa Kailash Story

Tibetan saint Shri Milarepa ji had climbed Mount Kailash, the highest point on Earth. Apparently, he made it to the other side of this ordeal unscathed. One of the great saints is Milarepa ji. Milarepa ji is supposed to have completed his sadhana on Mount Kailash. One such person, Milarepa, has inspired people around the world. Tibet is fortunate to have such a saint in its midst. Not only in Tibet, but around the world, he was regarded as a major public figure.

On the territory of Tibet, it is stated that there are many saints who have accomplished great things in their time on this earth. Buddhism and human consciousness are deeply ingrained in Tibet’s culture. Many famous men have been reported to have been born on this planet. Whose entire life was committed to helping others. They were men like Milarepa Ji.

Milarepa journey on Climbing the Mount Kailash

Milarepa mount kailash story

To fulfil his Guru Ji Marpa’s command, he had to visit Mount Kailash. They wished to see Milarepa complete his studies. His Guru ji gave Milarepa ji permission to begin his Kailash Yatra there. Several of his followers are said to have accompanied him on this trip.

From the west, he climbed Mount Kailash. His adventure began in the year 1093. Narowanji, a Bon-religion preacher, met him on this journey. Narowan ji places a high value on his spirituality. He was well-known as a religious scholar. Milarepa Ji’s religion was revealed to him after asking him about it when they first met.

Milarepa ji was given a condition by Narowan ji. Whoever is the first to reach the top of Mount Kailash will be king. Narowan ji’s condition was accepted by Milarepa ji.

Narowan ji went ahead and climbed and started moving, and he had travelled a considerable distance by the time he reached the top. Even they had made it to the top of the mountain by this point. There was no sign that Milarepa ji had left the place.

He was awakened by one of Narowan ji’s devotees who informed him that Narowan ji had come dangerously close to the mountain’s summit. Milarepa ji and Milarepa ji had both reached the summit of the mountain by the time Milarepa ji started climbing.

When the first rays of sunrise hit Narowan ji’s face, the intensity was so powerful that he resented it a little. Milarepa ji has already ascended Mount Kailash at this point.

Narowan ji understood he had made a mistake. He confessed his sins to Milarepa ji, who accepted his apology and pardoned him.

Milarepa’s Little Kailash Parvat

Atop the mountain, Milarepa ji has made it to the top. An inexorable drive drove him toward the summit. From the top of Mount Kailash, Milarepa ji hurled a flurry of snow. A little mountain was generated as a result of this eruption. Little Kailash Parvat was the name given to this mountain range. He had given it to Narowan ji as a present.

Milarepa Meditated on Mount kailash

Mount Kailash was the place of Milarepa’s meditation for a long period of time. His Guruji then returned to Marpa ji and finished his sadhna. Milarepa ji is supposed to have been imprisoned in a dark cell by Marpa ji. He finished his Tantra Vidya there. Dakini, the goddess of Tantra, told Milarepa ji that he didn’t have enough practise to complete his education. He told his guru, then Marpa took him to Shri Naropa, where he received the whole education of Milarepa ji.

According to legend, Milarepa ji is still performing penance on Mount Kailash, seated in a cave facing either direction.

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