The Prophet (PDF/ePUB) By Kahlil Gibran Read Online

The Prophet (PDF/ePUB) By Kahlil Gibran Read Online for free.

The Prophet Information

Book Name:The Prophet
Author:Kahlil Gibran
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The literary work titled “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran is widely regarded as a cherished classic inside contemporary society. First published in the year 1923, this literary work has garnered translations in over twenty different languages. Notably, the American versions of this work have achieved remarkable sales, surpassing a total of nine million copies sold.

The literary work titled “The Prophet” comprises a compilation of poetry writings that encompass philosophical, spiritual, and mostly inspiring themes. Gibran’s contemplations are organised into twenty-eight distinct sections, encompassing a wide range of subjects including love, marriage, children, generosity, sustenance, labour, emotional experiences, dwelling, attire, commerce, criminal justice, legal systems, liberty, rationality, emotions, suffering, introspection, education, companionship, communication, temporal aspects, morality, spirituality, and mortality.

About The Author Kahlil Gibran

Kahlil Gibran was a poet, artist, and writer who was born in Lebanon and raised in the United States. His name in Arabic is .
He was born in the village of Bsharri in modern-day Lebanon, which at the time was a part of the Ottoman Mount Lebanon. When he was a young man, he immigrated to the United States with his family. It was there that he began his career as a writer and studied painting.

Gibran is widely considered as a political and literary radical throughout the Arab world. His use of the romantic style was a departure from the conventions of the classical school of Arabic literature, and it was particularly influential in the development of modern Arabic prose poetry. In Lebanon, he is still revered as a significant figure in the world of literature.

The Prophet, which he published in 1923, is the work that brought him the most notoriety in English-speaking countries. In spite of the negative reception the book received from critics, it was successful commercially and went on to become highly popular in the counterculture of the 1960s. Behind behind Shakespeare and Lao-Tzu in terms of total book sales, Gibran is the third most popular poet of all time.

The Prophet Book Summary

At the age of nineteen, I experienced a great sense of spirituality upon encountering the teachings of the Prophet. During adolescence, engaging with spirituality and romance through this particular medium proved to be a profound experience. However, as I matured, the vivid and passionate depictions of love, marriage, and existence within its pages appeared to be aesthetically pleasing while lacking in depth and substance.

Please refrain from attempting to disprove my stance on this matter, as I am strongly inclined towards favouring this idea. I contend that Khalil Gibran possessed a charismatic and alluring demeanour. The Prophet employs a captivating manner that skillfully refrains from making definitive assertions, employing a tactic reminiscent of career-oriented individuals, as shown by the character “The Ladies’ Man” from Saturday Night Live.

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However, I would like to emphasise the importance of reading The Prophet for all individuals. Whether one interprets the text as profound counsel or mere empty rhetoric, it undeniably exhibits a captivating display of linguistic artistry.

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