Long Day’s Journey into Night (PDF/ePUB) By Eugene O’Neill

Long Day’s Journey into Night (PDF/ePUB) By Eugene O’Neill read online for free.

Long Day’s Journey into Night Information

Book Name:Long Day’s Journey into Night
Author:Eugene O’Neill
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Long Day’s Journey Into Night depicts a single, profoundly distressing day in the lives of the Tyrone family.

The play exhibits autobiographical elements as O’Neill portrays his drug-addicted mother, his frugal father, his intoxicated and morally corrupt older brother, and his own troubled self with a chillingly accurate depiction.

About The Author Eugene O’Neill

Eugene Gladstone O’Neill, an acclaimed American playwright, wrote Mourning Becomes Electra in 1931, which was one of his notable works. In recognition of his literary contributions, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1936. Additionally, O’Neill received his fourth Pulitzer Prize for his play Long Day’s Journey into Night, which was presented in 1956.

The Nobel Prize was awarded to him in recognition of the potency, sincerity, and profound emotional resonance exhibited in his theatrical compositions, which encapsulate a unique interpretation of the tragic genre. Eugene O’Neill made a notable contribution to the introduction of dramatic realism to the American audience, following in the footsteps of pioneering playwrights such as Anton Chekhov from Russia, Henrik Ibsen from Norway, and August Strindberg from Sweden. O’Neill was the first to incorporate authentic American vernacular in his dialogues.

The plays authored by the individual in question encompass a cast of people that partake in morally corrupt actions, thereby existing on the outside of societal norms. Within this context, these individuals grapple with the arduous task of preserving their aspirations and dreams, yet inevitably succumb to a state of disappointment and despondency. Ah, Wilderness! is the sole comedic work authored by O’Neill, as his remaining plays encompass varying degrees of sorrow and personal pessimism.

Long Day’s Journey into Night Book Summary

In Act 1 of Eugene O’Neill’s play, the author unveils the true nature of a family by exposing the physical imperfections that exist beneath the surface. This includes detailing every blemish, such as pustules, carbuncles, discolouration, and scars, as well as unpleasant traits like halitosis, wax, and hairs. Through this vivid portrayal, O’Neill highlights the unattractive aspects of human beings when observed up close. Long Day’s Journey Into Night provides a candid portrayal of the harsh and inescapable dynamics that ensnare families in dysfunctional, vindictive, and malevolent relationships.

Feelings of guilt, criticism, paranoia, competition, blame, hate, distrust, and addiction. This family exhibits characteristics that are similar to those found in other families. The drama unveils a poignant calculation among its characters, where alliances are established and afterwards altered. Lingering issues simmer beneath the surface, and the intensity of anger and reactions towards past occurrences sometimes surpasses their initial cause and manner of occurrence. The familial unit, similar to both your own and mine, finds itself entrenched in a cyclical pattern of strategic interactions aimed at navigating around mutual allegations.

Truths are sometimes subject to distortion, with individuals frequently evading responsibility and attributing failures without discrimination. In his work, O’Neill presents a portrayal of the intricate dynamics inside a family, all within the confines of a single room, over the course of a single day. Unravelling the origins of the successive patterns of detrimental familial conduct proves challenging, mirroring the complexities seen in real-life scenarios. The phenomenon under consideration is commonly referred to as the paradox of the chicken or the egg.

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