Steps to Christ (PDF/ePUB) By Ellen Gould White Read Online

Steps to Christ (PDF/ePUB) By Ellen Gould White Read Online for free.

Steps to Christ Information

Book Name:Steps to Christ
Author:Ellen Gould White
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The sequential process of attaining spiritual enlightenment and salvation, as outlined in the book “Steps to Christ.”
Ellen G. White, a very productive writer and a prominent figure in American Christian history, lived from 1827 to 1915.

This electronic book offers a presentation of “Steps to Christ” authored by Ellen G. White. The inclusion of a dynamic table of contents allows users to navigate straight to the desired chapter.

About The Author Ellen Gould White

In summary, Ellen Gould Harmon White, a lady endowed with extraordinary spiritual abilities, resided predominantly in the nineteenth century (1827-1915). However, her literary works continue to exert a transformative influence on a global scale, reaching millions of individuals. Throughout her lifetime, the author produced an extensive body of work, consisting of over 5,000 articles published in periodicals and 40 books. Presently, the English-speaking audience has access to over 100th volumes, which includes compilations derived from her vast collection of manuscript pages totaling 50,000.

She holds the distinction of being the most widely translated female writer in the entirety of literary history, as well as the most translated author from the United States, regardless of gender. The author’s writings encompass a diverse array of topics, spanning religion, education, social dynamics, evangelism, prophesy, publishing, nutrition, and management. The literary work titled “Steps to Christ” by the author has had significant global reach, being translated and published in over 140 languages. This influential masterwork explores the transformative aspects of Christian living.

Seventh-day Adventists hold the belief that Mrs. White possessed more than mere literary talent; they maintain that she was divinely chosen as a unique messenger by God, tasked with directing global focus towards the Holy Scriptures and facilitating the spiritual readiness of individuals for the anticipated second coming of Christ. Throughout a span of 70 years, starting from her adolescence at the age of 17, the individual in question was bestowed with an estimated total of 2,000 visions and dreams by a divine entity commonly referred to as God. The durations of the visions exhibited a range, spanning from less than one minute to over four hours.

The insights and guidance obtained from these discoveries were transcribed by her for the purpose of dissemination to a wider audience. Hence, the literary works authored by her are recognised by Seventh-day Adventists as possessing divine inspiration, and their exceptional quality is acknowledged even by persons who peruse them casually. The publication “Seventh-day Adventists Believe …” underscores the importance of not seeing the writings of Ellen White as a substitute for the Scriptures. These entities cannot be deemed as equal. As stated by the Ministerial Association of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (1988), the Holy Scriptures hold a unique and unparalleled position, functioning as the definitive standard against which all other writings, including the individual in question, are to be assessed and subjected.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that Ellen White recognises that the communication of God’s divine intentions to mankind through His written Word does not diminish the continuous need for the Holy Spirit’s presence and direction. In contrast, the Holy Spirit was promised by our Saviour to reveal the teachings of the Word to His followers, with the purpose of illuminating and applying its principles (White, 1911, p. vii). The following section presents a thorough depiction of the life and accomplishments of this remarkable individual who, in alignment with the criteria established in the Holy Scriptures, played a crucial part in the formation of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Steps to Christ Book Summary

This book serves as a compelling subject for contemplative meditation. The text has a lucid and lyrical style of writing. The veracity of Ellen G. White’s prophetic claims remains uncertain. However, this book exemplifies the fundamental principles and unwavering conviction of genuine Christian belief. If White is indeed a genuine prophet of the divine, her work undoubtedly has noteworthy passages that can be cited.

Two criticisms can be made regarding her usage of the term “Alseeing Eye” to refer to God, as observed in the Dutch version. The emblem in question initially represented the devil, rather than God. It is possible that the individual in question was not aware of this historical fact, as the symbol later came to be associated with God.

Additionally, the author posits that she holds the belief that the representation of God has been compromised, resulting in our inability to adhere to God’s commands as a consequence of our inherent sinful disposition from birth. The aforementioned belief system might be classified as an unorthodox doctrine that has permeated the ecclesiastical institution. Regrettably, she likewise had this belief.

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