The Loner’s Lady (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online

The Loner’s Lady (PDF/ePUB) By Jessa Kane Read Online.

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Book Name:The Loner’s Lady
Author:Jessa Kane
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Lyssa was only responsible for one thing. Con John, her best friend’s reclusive ex-military hero father, into thinking she is his devoted lover. But none could have foreseen that she would be so taken with the gruff mountain man. Or that he would not only want Lyssa forever despite their age gap but would also immediately recognise the ruse?

Lyssa could not possibly be his son’s real girlfriend. They couldn’t even lie credibly. John knew that his son would be hurt if he coerced them into admitting the truth. But was there anything he just couldn’t say no to? A ravenous appetite for Lyssa. If he wasn’t incorrect, his kid kept orchestrating scenarios that separated him and Lyssa from each other. The temptation to touch his golden beauty before the truth is revealed may be the one thing John can’t handle.

It’s possible that this could spark a passionate, everlasting love between them.

The Loner’s Lady Book Summary

If you’re in need of a light read to pass an hour or two, consider picking up Jessa Kane’s The Loner’s Lady.

Preacher Man was the book of Ms. Kane’s that introduced me to her work, and it immediately became a favourite of mine. To fully appreciate the magic Ms. Kane can create with her stories—when the tension is squeezed tight and the delivery is just right—I, like most readers, would want to see her write a full-length novel.

To see Mason’s dad in the Catskills, Lyssa and her best buddy Mason are taking a trip. When Lyssa uses the same “privileges” to avoid unwelcome male attention, playing pretend girlfriend for the rest of the stay is no big deal. Mason portrays his father as someone who is out of touch with modern culture and too traditional to appreciate Mason’s identity.

Lyssa expects the worst when she meets John Thorne, but she is unprepared for the way he sweeps her breath away at age 42. Seeing him up close makes it more difficult to pretend to be Mason’s girlfriend when he is the personification of everything she had never knew she desired. Given the short length of the story (just 60 pages), the resolution is inevitable and occurs “just like that,” by which I mean Ms. Kane managed to pull it off. In a word: astonished.


The sexual tension was fantastic, as was the way it was conveyed and John’s sardonic take on things. Lyssa, who loved John, believed that he was the type of person who would help them weather any storm together.

Highly suggested for readers looking for something fast and steamy. In every way, this one succeeds.

The Loner’s Lady is enticingly sexy and emotionally resonant in a way that makes it difficult to put down.

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