The Library of Shadows (PDF/ePUB) By Rachel Moore Read Online

The Library of Shadows (PDF/ePUB) By Rachel Moore Read Online for free.

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Book Name:The Library of Shadows
Author:Rachel Moore
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Educated at Radcliffe. No one dares to spend the night in the library at the country’s third most haunted institution, where student disappearances are commonplace. And Este Logano signs up for school to look for her long-lost dad.

Of certainly not in the strict sense. She rejects the idea that ghosts exist. Visiting her father’s alma mater looks like her best bet for learning more about him.

When Este encounters Mateo, though, she begins to wonder if he is a genuine ghost or not. One that is very bothersome.

Este must find Mateo before she is booted from Radcliffe and forced to leave college early as her father did when he falsely accused her of stealing a valuable book from the library’s secret spire and then disappeared.

However, Este may find that following in her father’s footsteps is riskier than she had originally thought. She discovers the student disappearances aren’t urban legend as she probes the library’s haunting corridors, hidden tunnels, and hidden passageways. If she doesn’t watch out, she’ll be next.

About The Author Rachel Moore

Writer and content marketer Rachel Moore makes her home in Music City. She has a degree in creative writing from the University of Evansville and has never met a romantic comedy she didn’t like. When she’s not crafting satisfying conclusions, she may be found amassing dictionaries, consuming excessive amounts of coffee, and aimlessly wandering the library.

The Library of Shadows Book Summary

When it comes to haunted schools, Radcliffe Prep ranks third in the United States. In this school, student disappearances are prevalent. Este Logano attends Radcliffe Prep in an effort to reconnect with her late father, who frequently reminisced about his time there.
When Este runs into Mateo, a ghost, he falsely accuses her of stealing a valuable book, which puts her future at Radcliffe Prep in jeopardy. She needs Mateo to return the book to her, but Mateo is demanding compensation.

When it comes to scary books, The Library of Shadows is in a class all its own. This novel’s depiction of a library is one of my favourite aspects. I could almost see myself in Este’s shoes as I read about her time spent in the school library, which dates back to the early twentieth century. The eerie atmosphere is a result of Este spending a lot of time in the library late at night working and getting into terrifying situations, as well as the detailed descriptions of the ghosts that actually make appearances (and are, I might add, quite frightening).

The story is light and pleasant to read. I found myself laughing out loud more than once at the exchange of insults between Este and Mateo.
In order to maintain her spot at Radcliffe Prep, Este will need to investigate the school’s past and the whereabouts of the missing kids.

The saying goes, “There’s no glory in trying to do everything on your own.”

Este was a complex and interesting protagonist. We get to know her rather well and witness her process of grieving for her father throughout the novel.
Some of the supporting cast, including Posy and her flatmate and their pals, were underdeveloped. Even though Este routinely hangs out with them, she never felt particularly close to any of them. I wish I had spent more time with them to get a sense of who they were.

The author’s style struck a chord with me. The story moved along at a good clip and was descriptive without being overly wordy. The finale was somewhat foreseeable and short, but it accomplished its purpose.

If you’re interested in books about private schools, ghosts, or dark academics, I highly recommend The Library of Shadows, which will be released on September 5th.

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