Homerun Proposal (PDF/ePUB) By Maren Moore Read Online

Homerun Proposal (PDF/ePUB) By Maren Moore Read Online for free.

Home Run Proposal Maren Moore PDF/ePub Information

Book Name:Homerun Proposal
Author:Maren Moore
SeriesOrleans University #1
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.92 MB
ePub Size573 KB
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Take my virginity and hit a home run, he said.
Unfortunately, my offer was meant for the wrong sibling.
My best friend was supposed to get it, but instead, his annoyingly charming elder brother got his paws on it. Lane Collins is the captain of the all-star baseball team at Orleans University.
Boastful hurler. Participant in and out of the game. Everyone’s favourite guest.
And it’s the same guy I’ve had a secret crush on ever since we were youngsters. He’s just never been in my social circle.
That is, until he agrees to teach me everything and signs a contract that wasn’t even designed for him.
The one and only requirement he has?
Stay detached.
It’s hard to be objective when my emotions are at stake. Things have changed dramatically.

Beginning of the Plot

Orleans University freshman Hallie Jo Edwards is a virgin who has never been kissed. There is a lot of breathing and skin slapping in the explicit material they watch on their laptop together as she and her closest buddy Vivienne. Hal, her closest friend, attempts to comfort Vivienne as they both lose it. Vivienne and Eli, her other closest friend, try to explain that they are all participating in a collective love making session. Vivienne says she is tired of being the only virgin among her group of closest friends. As Eli points out, many individuals wait for the proper partner, so it’s not that big of an issue. Hallie Jo is the only remaining virgin among her group of closest friends, and she insists that they all need to move out, party, drink cheap spirits, kiss attractive males and get meaningless tattoos before adulthood begins. It may seem simple on paper, but getting there is the challenging part.

Hal, a first-year student, is set on defying the norms of society and making the most of every moment. He and his friend Viv plan to spend the night together at a fraternity party. Hal is nervous of the world and the people in it, but they tell him to let his freak flag fly. Hal eats too fast at their shared pizza and almost dies. When Viv reassures him, he finally relaxes. Lane Collins, the elder brother of Hal’s closest friend, is the object of Hal’s undying affections. He’s known Lane Collins ever since they were kids and is grateful for the memories they’ve had together. The dialogue emphasises the value of accepting one’s individuality and rising to the hardships of life.

Hal, the main character, lives at Eli and Lane’s off-campus residence alongside them. For the last ten years, they had spent each weekend together and talked about their lives. Hal is a serious film production student who is now on NYU’s waitlist. He also has a great deal of respect for Eli Collins, his closest buddy since they were very little.

Orleans University’s ace pitcher, Landree, has a reputation for charm and wit. Additionally, he is an attentive viewer of the recent documentary Fantastic Fungi. Lane’s best buddy Viv asks what he has planned for the weekend, and Lane says he may go to a party. Even though the two brothers seem almost identical down to the wild hair, green eyes, powerful jawline, and tanned complexion, they couldn’t be more unlike. The heroine faces many trials and struggles, but she really wants to spend her life with her two best friends, Eli and Lane.

About The Author Maren Moore

20 Most Popular Items on Amazon Maren Moore, bestselling author, often features alpha father figures in her romantic sports comedy. Her heroines are the types of characters you’d want as closest friends, and her happily ever afters never lack in sex. She spends her non-writing time reading on her Kindle, watching Netflix marathons, or chasing after her children.

Home Run Proposal Book Summary

In exchange for my honest review, I was given an ARC.

When I heard that Maren Moore had a new book coming out, I was ecstatic. I’ve always been interested in seeing how she dealt with baseball and university life after reading her acclaimed hockey trilogy.

We have MMC Lane, who happens to be the best pitcher on the university squad. Hallie is the FMC and has secretly had a crush on him for years; in addition, Lane is the brother of her best friend. She believes in Bigfoot and aliens, and to be honest, I do too.

One of the things I liked best about this novel was that Eli, Hallie’s best friend and Lane’s brother, didn’t object to them dating. Even while I love me a good alpha male as much as the next guy, it was nice to see a character that just said, “You’re both adults; just be cool and try not to hurt each other.” Eli didn’t see any need to act rudely.

Seeing Hallie overcome her shyness was inspiring. I, too, was a late bloomer who never really got into the whole high school/college scene. Although I had my doubts about how well I would get along with college kids at the age of forty (a problem I have with many college relationships; growing older stinks and is not recommended), I found no such problems here. The children displayed remarkable maturity for their age. I appreciated how fast we were able to sort out the misunderstanding that had arisen. I mean, THEY are still young adults, so obviously there will be problems with communication.

The flavorful part comes next. Maren’s books always have the right amount of kick, and this one was no exception. Hallie blushed and became more at ease with sex and other sexual topics since Lane is a masterful dirty talker. Lane treated her with nothing but kindness and consideration. Definitely a cinnamon roll, he is.

I really enjoyed reading this book, and it would be great if there were more adventures for these two protagonists to go on in the future or for other characters to join them.

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