The Deal Breaker (PDF/ePUB) By Melissa McClone Read Online

The Deal Breaker (PDF/ePUB) By Melissa McClone Read Online for free.

The Deal Breaker Information

Book Name:The Deal Breaker
Author:Melissa McClone
SeriesThe Billionaires of Silicon Forest #3
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size857 KB
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Is it true that there are some boundaries that friends should never exceed?

The status quo could be considered an integral aspect of Dashiell Cabot’s identity. The individual in question possesses gainful employment that brings them great satisfaction, a substantial financial wealth amounting to one billion dollars, and a close companion named Iris who adeptly manages their personal affairs. What could be the underlying motivation for him to consider altering any aspect of the aforementioned circumstances? However, the disruption of Dash’s cherished status quo occurs when Iris Jacobs informs him of her decision to resign and pursue culinary education. Furthermore, might the situation be exacerbated? The contemplation of her leaving is compelling him to acknowledge that his sentiments for her may surpass the boundaries of mere friendship.

Iris aspires to achieve a greater sense of fulfilment in her life beyond the responsibilities of caring for Dash. She consistently exhibits this behaviour. Despite her inability to fully reciprocate his past acts of kindness, she finds herself no longer capable of prioritising his cherished status quo over her own aspirations due to financial constraints. The only viable option for her is to depart, unless he can provide her with a persuasive, and potentially amorous, rationale for remaining.

Throughout their relationship, they have consistently maintained a platonic connection. That constituted their agreement. However, ultimately, a consequence will arise – either the agreement will be compromised… or their emotions will be deeply affected.

About The Author Melissa McClone

I currently reside in the Pacific Northwest alongside my spouse, two female offspring, male offspring, canine companion, and an excessive number of feline companions. I author contemporary romance stories with a focus on heightened emotional appeal for esteemed publishing houses such as Harlequin and Tule Publishing.

The Deal Breaker Book Summary

The third installment of The Billionaires of Silicon Forest series, titled The Deal Breaker, revolves around the characters of Dashiell “Dash” Cabot, a highly affluent tech prodigy, and Iris Jacobs, his trusted confidant and domestic caretaker.

Dash and Iris have maintained a friendship since the age of twelve. At the age of 19, Iris was compelled to discontinue her enrollment at culinary school due to her mother’s illness, as she assumed the responsibility of providing care for her. After a span of three years, the demise of her mother occurred, followed by the passing of her father a few months later. Her father, who had previously been a co-owner of a restaurant alongside his deceased wife, subsequently entered into matrimony with another woman, sold the aforementioned restaurant, and relocated, so leaving Iris without a place of residence.

Dash, who departed from his educational pursuits to establish his own entrepreneurial venture, extended his hospitality to Iris, who subsequently assumed the dual role of housekeeper and personal assistant, operating from his residence. The individual in question meticulously strategized his dietary regimen, assumed responsibility for coordinating his social engagements, efficiently managed the procurement and arrangement of his attire, and performed several other tasks to facilitate his daily routine.

In actuality, his acquaintances who possessed substantial wealth humorously remarked that his lack of interest in matrimony stemmed from his existing partnership with Iris, albeit devoid of certain advantages. However, it should be noted that he harboured no intentions of entering into wedlock with anyone, particularly Iris. The individual had observed the dissolution of their parents’ marital relationship and noted the manner in which they continued to exploit their child as a means to retaliate against one another.

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