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Book Name:The Broken Vows
Author:Catharina Maura
SeriesThe Windsors #4
File Type:PDF/ePub
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She was the one who broke his heart for the first and only time.

Zane Windsor has always cherished the glee with which Celeste Harrison’s eyes sparkle whenever he manages to enrage her. It took him years, but eventually he realised that the feelings he had for his boyhood adversary were not hate.

After they start working for their respective family enterprises and begin competing on a grander stage than they ever had before, he comes to the conclusion that he wants to do everything with her, and Zane Windsor gets what he wants.

Zane and Celeste find out how thin the line between love and hatred really is, and as a result, they fall more deeply in love than either of them ever imagined they could…

…until a shocking event befalls them, at which point they begin to question if any of it was really genuine to begin with.

Because of Zane’s drive for retribution, Celeste’s business is brought to the verge of failure, and as a result, both of their grandparents are forced to take action to save it.

The Windsors and the Harrisons come to an agreement to combine their families, but there is one catch: Zane and Celeste have to be married.

Beginning of the Plot

Celeste, who has feelings for Zane Windsor, is looking forward to this year’s charity gala. Her closest friend Lily tells her that everything will be OK, since the event is a charity gala at which she may make some great connections. Celeste worries that reuniting with Zane would cause her to revert to an old, ugly version of herself. She hopes she could view herself the way Lily does since Lily tells her that Zane shouldn’t have so much control over her. She refuses, however, to follow her grandfather’s orders and scrutinise the Windsor hotel where the ceremony would take place. Lily laughs off her grandfather’s criticisms, insisting that they make full use of the hotel’s amenities. Now that she is out of school and the stakes are greater, Celeste is happy that her education has helped her become wiser.

Young Celeste suffers as a result of her grandfather’s unending criticism and animosity towards Zane Windsor. Archer, her brother, defies him and she becomes his successor. Since Zane represents a danger to Harrison Developments, her friend Lily advises that she confront him head-on and establish a fresh tone.

Without Lily’s reassurance, Celeste would have been unable to overcome her reluctance to behave politely towards Zane and express gratitude for the invitation. She thinks back on her life and the value of her grandfather’s approval as she takes the helm of the finest hotel development projects in the world. She is pure magic, Lily tells her, and anybody can do it, even Zane.

Celeste is sure in her talents, so she enters the ballroom in a confident manner. Lily tells her to win over the crowd and take some of Zane’s business, and she feels like a new person. She’s grown from being an introverted wallflower, and Zane Windsor is about to find that out the hard way.

The narrative emphasises the significance of trusting oneself and others, as well as the difficulties of dealing with jealously and insecurity in romantic relationships. Celeste wants to make her grandpa proud by becoming a great entrepreneur, and she plans to do it by confronting Zane Windsor and taking charge of her life.

The Broken Vows Book Summary

Zane and Celeste were able to hold a firm grasp on my emotional well-being. After reading about how wonderfully shattered they were, I found myself cheering for them even though I had already shed a tear. They make a perfect representation of Romeo and Juliet as a relationship.

They come from opposing families of billionaires who own hotels and have been in competition with each other ever since they were children…But as we all know, there is a thin line between hatred and love, and Zane and Celeste’s hatred transforms into a profound love…until the actions of external factors compel them to split apart…

Catharina has an absolutely STUNNING way with words. I was immediately drawn in, and the manner that she writes billionaires is of the highest calibre. Everything was so luxurious and extravagant (including a private island, hello!!! ), and I enjoyed every minute of it. Also, I am really interested in the hospitality industry, and I found that portion of the books to be very fascinating!

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t pick up Catharina Maura sooner when I had the chance. I finally chose to read THE BROKEN VOWS after visiting the author in person at a romance event and seeing how long she had been at the top of the Kindle rankings.

Now, generally, when I read series, I always make sure to read them in the correct sequence. However, when I say that this is a romance that can be read on its own, despite being part of a linked series, I mean it. You do not need any previous knowledge of the earlier volumes, nor will anything that occurred in those novels be ruined for you in any way. The romance between Zane and Celeste may be thought of as a separate entity.

In any case. I’m going to finish watching this series in one sitting and then patiently wait for the next installment.

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