Age of Vice (PDF/ePUB) By Deepti Kapoor Read Online

Age of Vice (PDF/ePub) By Deepti Kapoor Read Online for free.

Age of Vice Information

Book Name:Age of Vice
Author:Deepti Kapoor
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The time is 3 a.m. in New Delhi. In a rapid sequence of events, a Mercedes vehicle exceeding the speed limit abruptly veers off the road, resulting in the unfortunate demise of five individuals. The vehicle in question is often associated with individuals of high socioeconomic status. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that the purported affluent owner is nonexistent, leaving behind a bewildered subordinate who is unable to provide a coherent account of the perplexing sequence of occurrences that culminated in this illicit act. Furthermore, he lacks the ability to anticipate the impending tragic events that are about to transpire.

Age of Vice is a compelling narrative set in modern India that skillfully navigates temporal and perspectival shifts. This epic tale is characterised by its dynamic and thrilling nature, driven by the allure of opulence, pervasive corruption, and brutal violence inside the influential Wadia family. While this family garners adoration from certain quarters, it also attracts disdain from others, and instills terror in all who encounter it.

Amidst opulent residences, extravagant social gatherings, exploitative commercial transactions, and strategic political manoeuvring, the lives of three individuals become perilously interconnected: Ajay, the vigilant subordinate, hailing from a destitute background, ascends the hierarchical ladder within the family. Sunny, the scion of the playboy, harbours aspirations of surpassing his father’s achievements, regardless of the consequences. Neda, the inquisitive journalist, finds herself entangled in a moral quandary as she grapples with her own desires. In the face of a comprehensive narrative driven by themes of bereavement, hedonism, avarice, longing, aggression, and retribution, one must ponder whether the interrelationships among these individuals will serve as a means of liberation or as a catalyst for additional devastation.

Age of Vice is a captivating novel that seamlessly blends elements of criminal thriller and family story, taking readers on a journey from the rural villages of Uttar Pradesh to the vibrant cityscape of New Delhi. This seductive narrative delves into the intricate world of gangsters and their relationships, exploring themes of deceitful friendships, illicit romance, and the far-reaching repercussions of corruption. This form of entertainment is highly captivating and exemplifies exceptional literary quality.

About The Author Deepti Kapoor

Deepti Kapoor’s birthplace is Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, and she spent her formative years in Bombay, Bahrain, and Dehradun. In 1997, the individual enrolled at the University of Delhi with the intention of pursuing a degree in journalism. Subsequently, they successfully obtained a Master of Arts in Social Psychology. Over the subsequent ten years, she engaged in employment with many magazines, traversing the urban landscape in search of narratives and acquainting herself with its thoroughfares. Currently, she resides in Lisbon, Portugal.

Age of Vice Book Summary

Age of Vice is a vast and captivating narrative that engrosses the reader entirely. The characters in the text exhibit a depth and complexity that is skillfully crafted by Kapoor, showcasing her exceptional understanding of the specific literary genre she is engaging with. The author’s portrayal of deprivation and abundance, illustrating the most extreme manifestations of human shortcomings, is highly captivating. The writing at the sentence level is of exceptional quality. The manner in which the conclusion gradually intensifies into a suspenseful moment that evokes a sense of anticipation, leaving the reader in a state of suspense, poised on the edge of a narrative climax, is greatly appreciated.

There exist peculiar phenomena pertaining to the arrangement or organisation. The narrative commences by introducing Ajay, a juvenile male who undergoes the distressing experience of being sold by his own mother. The story then proceeds to depict Ajay’s maturation process and his subsequent employment under the tutelage of Sonny Wadia, the heir to Bunty Wadia, an affluent entrepreneur hailing from Uttar Pradesh. It is worth noting that Bunty Wadia’s parenting skills are portrayed unfavourably throughout the narrative. Additionally, there exists a character named Neda who serves as Sonny’s romantic partner. Their lives intersect in a vehicular collision, resulting in severe repercussions that fundamentally and emotionally transform their existence. The narrative frequently transitions between several views, a stylistic choice that is acceptable within the context of the plot. However, it exhibits inconsistency in doing so. Occasionally, certain texts employ headings resembling those found in screenplays. However, it is important to note that the present text does not adhere to the format of a screenplay. Consequently, it may be more appropriate to convey transitions in time, scene, and other relevant elements through the use of prose. The final portion of the book exhibits a notable decline in coherence and quality. The objectives of the project are well-defined; yet, the implementation process encounters difficulties. Sonny’s uncle Vicky is characterised as an enigmatic individual, exhibiting indications of engaging in illicit activities and maintaining a complex association with Sonny. However, the precise details surrounding their relationship remain ambiguous, particularly from my perspective. While it is true that mystery might be intriguing, there is a need for clarification regarding the current situation. Does it align with my perception?

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However, it is important to note that these difficulties hold little significance. I approached the reading of the book with great enthusiasm. Based on the information I have gathered online, it appears that this book is the first installment of a trilogy, which contributes to a better understanding of the conclusion. Consequently, I am inclined to read the subsequent two volumes without hesitation. The presence of flaws in great novels is an acceptable and permissible aspect. This literary work exhibits exceptional qualities and I am confident that it will resonate with your personal preferences. The creative output in question exhibits a fusion of literary influences reminiscent of the works of Rohinton Mistry, Edith Wharton, and Dennis Lehane.

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