Tempting the Player (PDF/ePUB) By Rebecca Jenshak Read Online

Tempting the Player (PDF/ePUB) By Rebecca Jen shak Read Online for free.

Tempting the Player Information

Book Name:Tempting the Player
Author:Rebecca Jenshak
SeriesCampus Wallflowers #4
File Type:PDF/ePub
PDF Size1.78 MB
ePub Size407 KB
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He’s the worst possible person for me to fall for.

My new beginning away from the Hollywood spotlight was to begin at Valley U.
I didn’t want to be the kid who used to be on TV all over the world.
I just wanted to be myself.
It’s only natural for me to presume that the hot guy who runs past my off-campus house every day is also in school.
I think he’s being nice when he tries to keep me safe from the boys who still see me as the girl from their childhood fantasies.
He makes me feel secure even while my past resurfaces to haunt me.
I’ve developed a sudden and intense crush on a guy I hardly know.
Until I found out my new mysterious crush was hiding something from me.
He’s working as my secret bodyguard.

About The Author Rebecca Jenshak

New adult and sports romance by Rebecca Jenshak are bestsellers in the United States of America. Her family and she are currently based in Arizona. She spends her non-writing time at local athletic events, socialising with friends and family, and reading.

Tempting the Player Book Summary

Reading a novel by Rebecca Jenshak is always a pleasure for me, and Tempting The Player was no exception. This final book in the Campus Wallflowers series was read in one sitting for me. It’s entertaining, exciting, and new.

Among her fellow students, Jane was the centre of attention after she revealed her history as a teenage celebrity. She agrees to her parents hiring a bodyguard after receiving threats and realising she can no longer act as if nothing has changed. While waiting for his next NFL opportunity, Hendrick works as a bodyguard. He is the ideal candidate for this position, as he is not much older than a student and his brothers reside in close proximity to the university. That’s what sets off the love at first sight and the struggle to fight it.

The underlying attraction between the bodyguard and his protected seemed intriguing to me. Hendrick fought his attraction to Jane, but she was too charming, humorous, and upbeat for the brooding, moody, unhappy hero.

They’re really adorable together, and they really helped each other out. With Jane’s guidance, Hendrick was able to better integrate into the family and stop feeling like an outsider. Hendrick restored Jane’s sense of security, allowing her to resume her carefree college existence.

I recommend this book since it contains the same amount of romance as the others but less sports and more suspense.

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